How to Make a Hanger for Frames or Artwork

Recycle a Soda Can Tab as a Hanger for Artwork!

Am I the only one who thinks hangers for artwork (hooks, d-tab hangers, sawtooth hangers, etc.) are horribly expensive? Possibly… Plus, sawtooth hangers in particular can be so incredibly hard to install. With those tiny nails or screws, they can also be crazy frustrating!

When I was a kid, I had this peg rack shaped like a caterpillar that my grandmother sent me that used soda can tabs as the hanging hardware. To me, that is one hanger that is incredibly cheap but really strong, and I feel like I’m doing my part to recycle when I use them! They are sturdy and can be completely hidden behind a frame or other artwork. I used them to hang the Urban Outfitters Inspired Wall Organizer I made as well as the PB Inspired Beadboard Peg Shelf and the Expanding Rack (all super-easy weekend projects for any skill level!).



  • Soda Can tab
  • Small Washer
  • 1/2″ screw (<– affiliate link!)

Step One

Mark the position for the hanger and place the soda can tab over the mark. You can pre-drill the hole if you want (or use the scratch awl to make a mark), especially if it is close to the edge of the board or item being hung.


Step Two

Place the washer over the smaller hole on the tab and drive the screws. The washer will keep the soda can tab from pulling off the head of the screw. If a screw with a larger head is used, the washer can be omitted.


How easy is that?? To me, they are way easier to work with and install than sawtooth hangers.

What other types of hangers do you use for frames or artwork? Have questions about using a soda can tab hanger for artwork? Leave a comment below!

Originally posted 2012-12-20 08:00:17.


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