Another Cabinet for a Kitchen Remodel

DIY Plans to Build a Tall Diagonal Face Upper Corner Cabinet A reader contacted me and asked if I could help draft plans for an upper corner cabinet. The DIY plans to build a tall upper corner cabinet feature two shelves with 20″ Lazy Susans attached to the shelves (more shelves can be added easily[...]

Dye Fabric for a Chair Seat Using Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye

Tie Dying Fabric for a Chair Seat A huge shout out to I Love To Create for supplying me with the fabulous tie-dye kit used in this project! (All squealy and fan-girly opinions are my own!) I am a huge fan of using tie dye in a lot of my upholstery projects – especially Tulip[...]

A Beautiful Chair with Curved Back Legs

DIY Plans to Build the Anna Chair I love the curve of the back legs on this chair! The DIY plans to build an Anna Chair featured gorgeously curved legs (easy to make with the included templates) and tapered front legs. In the future, I will include an option to add an upholstered seat with an[...]

Reupholstering a Chair and Creating a New Seat

How to Use Elasbelt for Seats in Upholstery Projects A few years ago, I built this chair for The Design Confidential and I upholstered it. This is the chair I use at my desk any time I am on the computer. Because this chair is built with a plywood seat, it becomes horribly uncomfortable after[...]

Power Tool Challenge – A Project Using a Drill

How to Make a Wall Mounted Lighting Piece I was invited to join a few fellow bloggers for a Power Tool Challenge. The challenge is to make a project using one power tool and in this case, a drill. The challenge is designed to show new woodworkers and DIYers that a ton of fancy tools are[...]

A Desk with a Unique Top

DIY Plans to Build a Desk with an Old Door I’d been meaning to create this desk for a long time – not that I needed another desk, but because I thought it might be a really interesting project! The DIY plans to build a desk with an old door feature three drawers under the[...]

An Amazing Bookcase with Tons of Style!

DIY Plans to Build a Circle Bookcase How can you not fall in love with this bookcase? I love the circle detail on the sides and trust me, they are very easy to create! The DIY plans to build a Circle Bookcase feature three circles on the sides with a straight board in between, three[...]

Illustrating the Feeling of Owning the Best You Can Buy

Lennox Innovation Meets the Art World Thanks to Lennox, I am able to share this awesome sponsored content! What matters most in a heating and cooling system for your home? Efficiency? Technology? Environmental consciousness? Let me introduce you to the Ultimate Comfort System™ from Lennox: the most advanced, efficient, and capable heating and cooling system[...]

A Curated Board of Unique Benches on Hometalk

20 Unique Benches as Found on Hometalk Warmer weather is here – at least in most areas! Most people are looking for fabulous benches to build to enjoy the outdoors after being cooped up all winter. I know that I am suffering from a horrible case of cabin fever! So for a few inspiring ideas, I’ve[...]

A Large Chest With Scalloped Leg Detail

DIY Plans to Build a Scalloped Leg Dresser Here is another fabulous plan for a dresser with detailed legs… The DIY plans to build a Scalloped Leg Dresser feature five drawers with scalloped front legs. Don’t be intimidated by the scalloped legs – they are easy to cut using a scrolling blade on a jigsaw[...]