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An Easy Plan to Build a Chair for the Outdoors

DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Modern Outdoor Chair As the weather gets warmer (and I work on more projects outside my own home), I am looking forward to relaxing outside on fabulous furniture I’ve built myself! The DIY furniture plans to build a Modern Outdoor Chair are really simple… The chair features clean lines[...]

How to Change the Blade on a Miter Saw

Time for a Saw Blade Change! Every once in a while, it is time to change the blade in the miter saw(or any saw for that matter). Not only does it make nicer cuts with a new blade but it also helps keep things safer! I noticed I was having a hard time with cuts[...]

Build a Landon Desk

Build a Gorgeous Desk with the DIY Landon Desk Plans This is one of the most beautiful desks ever… Don’t let the angled shelves and legs be intimidating – it is really easy to cut them! The DIY Landon desk plans feature two shelves plus a drawer in each leg assembly. The top is created[...]

Build a Beautiful Ames Chest

Plans to Build the Ames Chest This is such a nice chest and if my home wasn’t already bursting at the seams from furniture overload, I would definitely build it! I love these plans to build the Ames Chest – especially the different size drawers and the way they are staggered. It would be such a nice compliment[...]

Plumbing System Maintenance

Tips for Preventive Maintenance of Your Plumbing System I was compensated to post this article on Designs by Studio C. The post was not written by me but I do agree with the content. Posts like this are what helps DbSC add more great plans and projects! Plumbing is not something you can “get to” later.[...]

A Bench Perfect for an Entryway or Mudroom

DIY Plans to Build a Storage Settee This settee is the perfect option for storage in an entryway or mudroom. The DIY plans to build a Storage Settee features a high back with coat hooks, as well as three drawers under the seat. The plans for the settee are quick and easy, as well as[...]

Auger Anchors

How to Use Auger Anchors in Drywall I am a huge fan of auger anchors. I live in a house where the interior wall studs are not at 16″ on center – they are 24″ on center. If I want to fasten anything to the walls, I need to use something strong that won’t pull[...]

An Amazing Bookcase with Tons of Style!

DIY Plans to Build a Circle Bookcase How can you not fall in love with this bookcase? I love the circle detail on the sides and trust me, they are very easy to create! The DIY plans to build a Circle Bookcase feature three circles on the sides with a straight board in between, three[...]

How to Make DIY Art with Wallpaper

I saw the coolest wall decor in one of the high-end catalogs. I nearly choked on the price – $299.00!! Granted, the inspiration piece is described as being hand carved and is approximately 79″ long, but wow! I knew I could create something similar for a fraction of the cost! I had some old door frames[...]

Mustache Candleholder

How to Make a Wood Mustache Candleholder My teenage daughter is obsessed with mustaches… Actually, I’ve seen them everywhere – on t-shirts, duct tape, even shoe laces! I have to admit that they are quite quirky! I was experimenting with the band saw one day and cut out a cute mustache for her. Since it was[...]