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My name is Cher and I absolutely love anything DIY! I started as a seamstress and have been sewing since I was old enough to play with Barbies. I was the girl who sewed prom dresses in high school but only after my own was finished! (Think Pretty in Pink – complete with the red hair!!) I worked in an alterations shop (where the other employees had kids and grandkids my age) while I was still in high school and into college. I made all of my kids clothes from the time they were born until they no longer thought it was cool.


I got into DIY a little later in life when my friend was showing me how to use the miter saw and an air nailer. I was hooked and have since gone on to remodel both bathrooms in my house, as well as my kitchen, and building countless pieces of furniture. I’ve completed a total home remodel and am always looking for the next project! Woodworking and DIY are definitely a constant learning process as I am learning something new every day and want to be able to share what I’ve learned with others. Currently, I am working to rebuild my home after a tree fell through it in July of 2018. It is a consistent source of home improvement projects!

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I also went back to school and earned a degree in Drafting. I worked as a detailer for a steel fabricator for two years before I started drafting furniture plans. I am experienced in AutoCAD, SketchUp, and some SDS/2. I have a portfolio on Coroflot where a sampling of my work can be viewed. I am a builder and draftsman for hire, and am also working on obtaining my contractor’s license! I currently work in the design department of a corrugated box manufacturer.

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I am the former draftsman for The Design Confidential and absolutely loved it! I have been a monthly DIY contributor to (now as well as . My projects have been featured at Bob Vila Nation, Decor Hacks, Knock-Off Decor, Apartment Therapy, and of course, The Design Confidential. I have also drawn project plans for Columbia Forest Products using their PureBond plywood for a major home improvement retailer. I’ve also had a bath vanity featured on the DIY Network blog and a PVC project featured on the Good Housekeeping blog.


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Other features include Purebond plywood, and I DIY Because…. Designs by Studio C has also been listed as a Top 35 DIY Blog by Vibrant Doors and a DIY Blog to Watch in 2014 by Center City Team in Philadelphia. My recycled ammo box lid sign was featured at My Repurposed Life. I’ve also had a Jewelry & Makeup Holder featured at and I Love That Junk, as well as my Old Door Bookcase featured at My Repurposed Life.

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As a side note, I graduated college with honors and am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, an international honors society. Yes – I am a nerd and proud of it!! I am also a certified personal trainer with a specialization in practical yoga instruction as well as a Sports Nutrition Specialist, and I’m working toward a credential in Strength and Conditioning.

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I just love to build stuff and create, and I hope you enjoy DIY as much as I do!

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So that is what goes on behind Designs by Studio C! Follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or contact me at  cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com or designsbystudioc {at} gmail{dot} com if you have any questions or comments – I’d love to hear from you!

Download my media kit (updated monthly) for more information including projects, site statistics, and social media information!

I am interested in working with brands in the home improvement and DIY fields. I am also a draftsman for hire… Contact me for details!