Build a DIY Wood Letter Jewelry Hanger

Power Tool Challenge – One Board Project

Hey there! It’s that time again for the monthly Power Tool Challenge, and this month’s theme is all about creating a “one board” project. For my entry, I decided to tackle a DIY wood letter jewelry hanger using a 1×4 board. Now, this board isn’t your typical 6′ or 8′ length. Nope, I stumbled upon this gem in the cull bin at The Home Depot, and it’s only 5′ long. But hey, I scored an amazing deal on it!

Build a DIY Wood Letter Jewelry Hanger

This jewelry hanger is for my daughter, Hannah (or normally known as “The Han”), and matches her style perfectly! My oldest is moving out of the house and Han – excuse me, The Han – gets to do what most other younger siblings look forward to doing… She gets to move into her big brother’s old room. Over the next several weeks, we have plenty of awesome projects planned for her new space!

Build a DIY Wood Letter Jewelry Hanger - with Jewelry

As for this project, it is one of the easiest to make and the concept can be adapted to other letters. The trim around the letters has a 1/4″ profile over the base letter with mitered corners. I secured the trim using a fast-drying wood adhesive, such as DAP® Weldwood Instant Adhesive (<–affiliate link!), in lieu of nails or screws.

I started by cutting two pieces of the 1×4 at 12″ and one piece at 3-1/2″ long. I drilled pocket holes in the 3-1/2″ piece, staggering the holes so they wouldn’t interfere with each other. I centered the shorter piece on the longer 12″ pieces and secured them using 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws.

Build a DIY Wood Letter Jewelry Hanger - Pieces for Letter

I ripped the remaining piece of the board on the table saw into 1″ strips. (Always use common-sense safety practices when using power tools. Be aware and not distracted when cutting boards close to the blade.) I thoroughly sanded all of the pieces prior to cutting.

I cut a 45° miter in one end of the 1″ pieces and started measuring for the trim. I cut the pieces for the outside first, then worked my way around securing the trim pieces with wood adhesive.

Build a DIY Wood Letter Jewelry Hanger - Mitered Trim

For the finish, I applied a coat of stain in Kona, followed by a coat of stain in Sunbleached, then finished with two coats of Triple Thick Polyurethane, all by Varathane.

Build a DIY Wood Letter Jewelry Hanger - Stain

I added a pair of antique brass cup hooks to one “leg” of the letter for hanging necklaces, and another pair of cup hooks with a pair of jewelry box pulls on the other “leg”. I also added two keyhole hangers with screws to the back for hanging.

Build a DIY Wood Letter Jewelry Hanger - Hangers on Back

Build a DIY Wood Letter Jewelry Hanger - Hooks and Loops

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Amazing, as always! Have any questions about how to build a DIY wood letter jewelry hanger? Leave a comment below!