How to Wax a Fiberglass Tub or Shower

Waxing a Fiberglass Shower Makes it Easier to Clean

Believe it or not, it is a very good idea to wax a fiberglass tub or shower (even a sink) at least once or twice a year. It should be part of the regular maintenance of the shower . It’s the same principle as waxing a car – it protects the finish and mainly keeps dirt from sticking to it. We all want to spend less time cleaning, right?

wax for fiberglass shower

I actually have flashbacks to the days when I was a teen and my dad liked to quote Mr. Miyagi when I was waxing my car – wax on, wax off.


The Dos and Don’ts of Polishing a Fiberglass Shower or Tub

I know I don’t necessarily have to mention this but I will anyway… DO NOT wax the floor of the tub or shower, for obvious reasons! You wouldn’t use Armor-All on the steering wheel of your car, right? Wax on the floor of a tub or shower is dangerous!! It becomes a slip hazard leading to serious injury or death. So just don’t…

In my opinion, the best car wax for shower walls is Meguiar’s Quik Wax . Meguiar’s is easy to use, and polishes nicely! It can also be found in a spray bottle and this particular type will not have to be buffed off… Just spray and go (but rinse the floor of the shower first)!

polishing fiberglass tub shower

Any other liquid wax can also be used such as Turtle Wax or any automotive wax. Of course, the best wax for a fiberglass shower is going to depend on personal preference.

The How-To

Start by giving the tub or shower a thorough cleaning. I normally use a handled sponge filled with Dawn dishwashing liquid and vinegar. It does a fabulous job! Scrub the entire surface to remove the soap scum or mildew, then thoroughly dry the surface using a cotton towel or chamois.

waxing shower stall

Once the surfaces have been cleaned and dried, apply the wax by hand with a soft cloth, buffing when dry, according to the application directions. If you’re using the spray wax, just apply the wax, let it dry then lightly buff it if desired. As mentioned before, the spray wax doesn’t have to be buffed but it wouldn’t hurt to do it!

A small tool like this Dremel Versa cleaning kit (<– affiliate link!) can help with the application and polishing! It is really that simple. Time consuming? Maybe. But – you’ll save tons of time by not having to clean as often.

waxing fiberglass shower

apply wax to shower

As an extra “bonus”, I like to apply the wax to the shower door which is where most of the soap scum accumulates. The wax makes it easier to remove the grime, and the water rolls right off!

Waxing this shower stall was definitely needed because it had been stored outside before being installed and the finish oxidized. Applying a coat of wax made the finish look like new!

wax for fiberglass shower

Applying wax to a fiberglass tub or shower is a great way to keep it looking like new, as well as cutting down the time spent scrubbing. That leaves more time for building DIY projects!


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