Build and Upholster the Carlsbad Chair

The Finished Version of the Carlsbad Chair

When I posted the plans to build the Carlsbad Chair, I also mentioned I would be adding it to my “to build” list. It was so easy to build and upholster the Carlsbad chair! I had the upholstery (with the exception of sewing the cushions) completed in a day. The original plans have been updated with photos demonstrating the upholstery application…

Build and Upholster the Carlsbad Chair Graphic

I did make one modification to the plan – I added 4″ to the height of the back because I want to be able to take a nap in it wanted the back to be a bit higher. It was a very easy modification and the desired amount of height can be added to the sides of the back, then the angles can be cut (see the drawings). Make sure to add to the height of the back piece as well!

Build and Upholster the Carlsbad Chair_Back Sides

The memory foam mattress topper is perfect for padding the frame. It helps soften the sharp edges created by the wood frame. I purchased the memory foam toppers at WalMart, and spent about $65 on both the twin and king sizes. The fabric on the frame (over the foam padding) should be snug which will give the chair a more tailored look.

Build and Upholster the Carlsbad Chair DSCF2163

I purchased the fabric from (one of my all-time favorite fabric retailers) and I spent about $100 on the fabric. I purchased enough to make a matching ottoman and I chose a wood grain pattern. Perfect for me, right?

Build and Upholster the Carlsbad ChairDSCF2162

The foam I used for the cushions actually had a former life as a mattress in my parents’ travel-trailer. I covered the foam with Dacron upholstery batting to soften the edges of the foam and to create a fuller-looking cushion. I normally buy the foam and batting on eBay.

Build and Upholster the Carlsbad Chair DSCF2161

I also sprayed the arms of the chair with a stain repellent, hoping to keep it clean for awhile – fingers crossed! The chair is very, very comfortable and I love it! What do you think? Would you take on a project like this? Trust me when I said that it was very easy to build and upholster the Carlsbad Chair! Any questions? Leave a comment below or contact me at cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com!

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