Plumbing System Maintenance

Tips for Preventive Maintenance of Your Plumbing System

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Plumbing is not something you can “get to” later. If you have plumbing problems, you want it fixed immediately, no matter what it costs. You can cry about the bill later. The best way to avoid emergency plumbing repair is to complete regular maintenance and employ some preventive measures as well. Here are some tips to help you avoid the frustration and expense of repairs.


In the Kitchen

The next time you find a leaking faucet, consider installing a washerless faucet. They perform better and don’t need to be refitted with washers when they wear out. They are also fairly easy to repair, if needed.

Forbid the flushing of Kleenex and baby wipes down your toilet system. The fibers do not break up like toilet tissue and they can build up and cause clogs. Never flush baby or bath wipes down the drain, even when they have “flushable” on the front of the package. They are just too thick and today’s low-flow toilets don’t have the flushing power that older toilets did, so they are more likely to become clogged.



Bathroom Plumbing

You know you should be using them, but it bears repeating: Buy a couple of inexpensive, strainers to place over the shower and tub drains. This will help prevent hair from ending up in a big, nasty ball that you’ll have to clean out when it clogs the drain.

Examine the showerhead now and then, especially if you have hard water, and remove any mineral deposits. This helps ensure you have a good water flow. If the holes are heavily clogged, it may signal buildup inside the showerhead and it’s best to replace it.

If you are “green”-minded, you know bathroom routines waste lots of water. Along with installing low-flow toilets and limiting showers, replace the ball or flapper inside the toilet tank each year to prevent wasting water as the arm starts to wear. Consider upgrading to more modern tanks at that time, too.


Those who live in colder climates know it’s important to blow out sprinklers and disconnect water hoses before the really cold weather arrives, but you also need to keep an eye out for leaks and drips in outside faucets and pipes that are close to outside walls. Water left in the hoses and leaky pipes can freeze and expand. When that happens, faucets and any connecting pipes inside the home can freeze and break. Call a reputable plumber immediately, such as king heating, to inspect and repair the pipes. If caught early enough, plumbing professionals may be able to thaw the pipes before they burst.

Hot-Water Heater Checkup

Your hot water heater is a hard-working piece of equipment. It should undergo annual maintenance that includes flushing out the tank to remove any sediment. If allowed to build up, the sediment can cause corrosion, which leads to reduced efficiency and a shorter life span.


Hot water and flushable toilets are not things anyone wants to be without for any amount of time. You can avoid some plumbing problems with preventive maintenance and annual inspections that can help catch any problems before they get too big.

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