Illustrating the Feeling of Owning the Best You Can Buy

Lennox Innovation Meets the Art World

Thanks to Lennox, I am able to share this awesome sponsored content!

What matters most in a heating and cooling system for your home? Efficiency? Technology? Environmental consciousness? Let me introduce you to the Ultimate Comfort System™ from Lennox: the most advanced, efficient, and capable heating and cooling system ever created. With the most advanced technology Lennox has ever assembled into one system, it is the system by which everything else will be compared redefining precision, consistency, and comfort. To better interpret the feeling of owning a Lennox heating and cooling system, Lennox innovation meets the art world to visually demonstrate the feeling of owning the best you can buy.


Often, the HVAC system is hidden from view on the side or behind a house. When creating the What Perfect Feels Like™ campaign, Lennox wanted to put their knowledge of innovation to work by creating a visual demonstration of the feeling of owning a Lennox HVAC system. More information can be found here:

John Pugh, an American artist known for creating large wall murals that give the illusion of a 3-D scene behind a wall, created a mural of a vault to embody the feeling that a Lennox HVAC system is something that can be counted on for reliability and longevity. (More of John Pugh’s work can be found here.)


Not only is a Lennox HVAC system the best you can buy, it is energy efficient, quiet and smart. I have owned a Lennox system for 16 years and it is still going strong! With features like Lennox iComfort Wifi® (which allows you to control your HVAC system from a smartphone), Lennox SunSource® (the only HVAC system that can be powered by solar panels), or SilentComfort® technology (about as quiet as a high-tech dishwasher), Lennox has an HVAC system to fit your needs. For a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Vault”, take a look at this video:

The Lennox partnership with the art world will last for years to come. Now when anyone wants to know what perfect feels like, Lennox will show them.

From now through June 12, you can save up to $1700 on qualifying systems. Since Lennox innovation meets the art world, the feeling of owning the best you can buy is beautifully illustrated! Connect with Lennox on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. #LennoxArtProject

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lennox – all opinions are my own!


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