Build a Firewood Storage Bench

Easy to Build Firewood Storage Constructed Two Ways!

This awesome bench uses ONE 2×12 to build, and there are TWO ways to construct it! The plans to build a firewood storage bench are perfect for a quick weekend project as well as for those new to building furniture. Pan head lag screws are used as the fasteners (with nail-on teflon feet on the bottom to keep the screws from scratching the floor!), and the bench can be constructed with miter joints or square joints. The bench can be finished however desired, and it is definitely going on my to-build list!

build firewood storage bench_dimensions



  • 1 – 2×12 at 8′

Cut List:

  • For the square joint version:
    • 2 – 2×12 at 27″ – Top & Bottom
    • 2 – 2×12 at 15″ – Sides
  • For the miter joint version:
    • 2 – 2×12 at 27″ – Top & Bottom
    • 2 – 2×12 at 16-1/2″ – Sides
    • Cut 45° miters in each end of each piece

build firewood storage bench_miters

Notes About the Project:

  • Pre-drill the holes for the lag screws
  • Sand all pieces prior to assembly for easy finishing
  • The heads of the screws can be spray-painted with a metallic painted for an added touch of awesome!

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For each version: Cut the pieces to length as indicated in the cut list. For the miter joint version, cut 45° miters in each end of each piece. Apply glue to the edges and assemble the pieces to form the bench, clamping until dry.

Using a 1/4″ drill bit, pre-drill the holes in the top and bottom for the lag screws. There will be two screws at each end on each side for a total of eight.

Finish as desired, then add the nail-on teflon feet on the bottom.

build firewood storage bench_assembly



If the bench is going to be used outside, I recommend using a spar urethane or outdoor finish.

This bench would also be useful for storing shoes or backpacks underneath rather than firewood. The bench can be lengthened as desired, but I would recommend a support in the center between the top and bottom to keep the boards from sagging. Have questions about the plans to build a firewood storage bench? Leave a comment below!

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