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Applying Laminate to a Countertop


I know some of you are saying,"Laminate? On a countertop? Doesn't that go on the floor? She must be crazy!" [...]

Using White Glue as a Resist for Stain


Several years ago, I wrote a post about using wood glue as a resist for stain on wood projects. I [...]

A Beautiful Lamp with a Walnut Base

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I love making and refurbishing lamps.  I love walnut wood, too! I had a few scraps of PureBond walnut plywood [...]

How to Make a Hanger for Frames or Artwork


Am I the only one who thinks hangers for artwork (hooks, sawtooth hangers, etc.) are horribly expensive? Possibly... When I [...]

Power Tool Challenge – Anything Goes Edition


This post contains an affiliate link... What that means is that if the link is clicked and a purchase is [...]

Repairing a Damaged Dresser Top


This post contains a couple of affiliate links. What this means is that if the link is clicked and a [...]