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Make an Awesome Planter using an Old Chair

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This post has been updated - the original post was published on April 29, 2013 and was a sponsored post. [...]

Staining a Project? Try a Colored Stain…


Have you tried a colored stain? I know, generally stains come in colors such as oak, mahogany, cherry, etc. but [...]

Using Biscuit Joints on Mitered Corners


I really love using my biscuit joiner when building frames. I do not have holes to fill, and the frames [...]

Cut a Rabbet in a Frame for Glass, Plexiglas, Plywood or Other Material


In a large majority of the plans I create, a rabbet is cut on the back side of the frame [...]

An Easy Way to Make a Door Frame with a Different Tool


A biscuit joiner is one of the easiest tools to use... Though it looks a tad intimidating, it really isn't! [...]

Rest Your Feet on this Easy to Make Piece


When I saw this wooden spool by the trash (that formerly held wire sold by the foot), I knew exactly [...]