Make an Industrial Chic Candleholder

Use Black Pipe to Create an Industrial Chic Decor Candleholder

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the cool accent pieces and furniture that can be constructed out of plain black pipe? This piece is the epitome of industrial chic decor – a candleholder well suited for an industrialized space! While it isn’t exactly a cheap project, it is ultra cool! Plus, the metal can also be painted to suit your decorating tastes.

industrial chic decor candleholder_SANY2709 copy


  • 4 – 3/8″ floor flanges (<– affiliate link!)
  • 4 – 3-1/2″ long 3/8″ pipe nipples
  • 6 – 3″ long 3/8″ pipe nipples
  • 2 – 2-1/2″ long 3/8″ pipe nipples
  • 2 – 1-1/2″ long 3/8″ pipe nipples
  • 8 – 3/8″ 3-way couplers
  • 4 – 3/8″ 90 degree elbows
  • 2 – 3/8″ plugs

Step One

Start by connecting the four of the three-way connectors to the 3-1/2″ pipe nipples. Connect the floor flanges to the other end of these pieces.

 industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2691

industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2692

Step Two

Use a  3″ pipe nipples to connect two of the assemblies to each other, then insert a plug into one end of the three-way connector. You will have two sets.

 industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2693

Step Three

Insert a 1-1/2″ pipe nipple into each end of a three-way connector, then connect the two assemblies.

 industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2693

Step Four

Connect both of the 2-1/2″ pipe nipples to a three-way connector. Add a 3″ pipe nipple to the top of the connector.

 industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2702

Step Five

Connect the two assemblies together, making one perpendicular to the other.

 industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2703

Step Six

Add a three-way connector to the end of each 2-1/2″ pipe nipple.

 industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2704

Step Seven

Add a 3″ pipe nipple to each end of the three-way connectors. These will make the legs of the candleholder…

 industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2705

Step Eight

Add a 90 degree elbow to the end of each 3″ pipe nipple. These will create the feet…

 industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2706

Step Nine

The pipe can be spray painted or left as is. It is a good idea to wipe the entire candleholder down with mineral spirits to remove the oil from the pipe or your hands will look like mine!

 industrial chic decor candleholder SANY2707

 Add the candles and display as desired!

Who would have thought that plain old back pipe from the hardware store could create an industrial chic candleholder? It may not be the cheapest project but it is certainly cool! Other sizes of pipe (1/2″, 3/4″ or even 1″) can be used to create a larger scale candleholder.

Stay tuned because I have more ideas for other hardware store projects!

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