How to Replace the Wheels on a Moving Dolly

An Easy Repair on a Frequently Used Tool

Our moving dolly (or hand truck) gets a regular workout. In fact, it used to belong to my dad and it’s very possible that it’s as old as I am! The tires on that bad boy have certainly been around the block. It was definitely time for new ones and I’ll show you how to replace the wheels on a moving dolly quickly and easily!

replace moving dolly tires

I found the tires to fit the dolly at Tractor Supply, and they were reasonably priced. It wasn’t until I got them installed on the dolly that I realized that the tires are a different size… Of course they are. The tires themselves are the same size but the depth of the shaft on the wheels are different. And you know what? I put them on anyway. So let’s get started…

replace hand truck tires

Find New Wheels

The size should be listed on the side of the wheel. Make sure that the new one matches so that the wheels fit on the axle, and so that the shaft depth is correct. Learn from my mistake, and make sure BOTH tires are the same!

replace furniture dolly tires_new

Remove the Old Wheels

The existing wheels are generally secured with a cotter pin through the axle. On my furniture dolly, there was a cotter pin on one side and a framing nail on the other. I guess the cotter pin fell out and my dad used the nail as  a substitute! The legs of the cotter pin will need to be straightened out so that the pin can be removed.

moving dolly tires_nail

hand truck tires_cotter pin

Once the pins are removed, take the wheels off of the axle. In my case, this was the hardest part. The axle did not want to let go of those tires! I wiggled one tire off, then had to pull the other tire and axle through the other side. I ended up using a rubber mallet to tap the tire off of the axle. This step was by far the longest part of the repair!

Install the New Wheels

Replace the axle and place one of the new tires on one side of the axle, securing in place with a hitch pin (<– affiliate link!). I’ll have to be honest, in that I really wasn’t sure what size cotter pin (<– affiliate link!) to buy so I bought hitch pins instead because I thought they might be easier to remove if I needed to do so.

new furniture dolly tires

Place the other tire on the opposite side, and add the pin to secure. Make sure the new tires don’t rub on the side of the dolly – thankfully, the shorter of the two tires on mine does not!

new moving dolly tires_hitch pin

Another Option

I have another hand truck that I found by a dumpster. the previous owner actually broke the shaft on the tire. This dolly is the type where the handle can be removed and the dolly can be a flatbed type of had truck. I knew I could fix it!

hand truck tires_all thread

I already had a couple of tires at home (to make an all-terrain dolly, ha ha!!) but the existing axle wasn’t quite long enough. I had a piece of all-thread that was the exact same diameter as the axle. I cut it a little over 1/2″ longer on each side so I could add a lock nut to hold the tires on. It worked really well! I need to clean the rust off of the new “axle” and I’ll probably grease it to protect it. And yes, everything is rusty because they’ve been outside.

moving dolly tires_rubber

Both projects were a WIN! I love it when that happens…

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