My Son’s Home Improvement Project

My son is seventeen years old and when he comes to me and says “Hey, Mom, I have a great idea” it strikes fear in me… How much is it going to cost me this time? What did you break that I get to fix? This time, he taught me a lesson in trusting him!

His room is small. Because he is so tall (the poor kid is 6′-4″ and still growing), he has a ginormously long bed. When his buddies would come over, they would have to do the “Dukes of Hazzard” slide over the bed to get to the computer where apparently all of the action happens. I felt bad for them!

So, Tyler had an idea to tear the wall down that made his closet and move his bed over. He didn’t really use the closet (he is definitely a minimalist and hates clutter). I explained what he needed to do, handed him the drill, and let him go about his business. He recruited little sister to take pictures of his progress!

Wow, for all of the times I thought he wasn’t paying attention when I made him act as my helper, he really fooled me! He did a fantastic job! Watch out young ladies… Not only can he cook (not just in the microwave) but he’s handy, too! Mama is so proud!

He started by removing the closet doors and the track.

Then, he removed the closet rod as well as the shelf in the closet.

Next, he removed the drywall from the closet wall then removed the screws holding the wall in place. He touched up the paint where the shelf and wall used to be (he even sanded a little first!).

I helped him move the headboard shelves where the closet used to be. He moved the bed himself and had little sis help him rearrange the rest of the furniture.


Such an improvement! I won’t have to worry (as much) about him being on his own. I think he can handle it! I’m just proud that he was actually listening to me!

Originally posted 2012-09-15 08:00:36.