Mount a Power Tool to a Universal Stand

How to Mount a Bench-Top Power Tool to a Stand

My newest favorite tool is a bench top sander. This thing is awesome – it uses 4″ wide belts as well as 5″ round discs for sanding. It really came in handy when sanding the handles on the DIY Oak Breadboards we built! The only drawback was that it took up space on the work table, plus using it on the floor while kneeling just wasn’t fun either (I’m old…). I decided to mount the power tool to a universal stand because was the easiest thing I could do to save workspace and make it more convenient to use!

mount power tool stand

I purchased a universal tool stand like this one (<– affiliate link!) at Harbor Freight for about $35. It was easy to put together but not as easy to get “square”… I figured that as long as all four legs touched the ground without wobbling, we’d be fine!

I measured the top and cut a piece of plywood to fit (I used scrap plywood that I had on hand). I secured the plywood from the underside with screws that have a large washer-type head. Fun fact: these screws are used to secure pallets of doors together and I hoarded them when I worked in the Millwork department at The Home Depot!

mount power tool stand plywood

power tool universal stand plywood

Next, I measured the space between the lower leg braces to attach a piece of plywood for a shelf to hold the sanding discs and belts. The braces are L-shaped and the plywood can either sit on top of or underneath the braces (it was easier for me to mount the shelf to the underside of the braces). Since there are bolts holding the braces to the legs, the plywood will have to fit between the bolts.

Once I got the size of the plywood correct (the size will definitely vary depending on the stand), I drilled holes in the braces to drive screws through the braces into the plywood.

mount power tool stand holes

power tool universal stand shelf

I secured the plywood shelf using 1″ wood screws. I may change them out and use pan head screws (like pocket hole screws) because they will look a little nicer.

mount power tool stand shelf

I placed the sander on the top, and marked the position for the mounting bolts. I drilled holes through the plywood, then secured the sander to the top piece of plywood with machine screws, washers and nuts. It is solid and not going anywhere!

mount power tool stand holes for tool

mount power tool stand bolts

I used the sander for a new project I’m working on and even bought a cover for it… Did you know that weather-resistant covers for barbecue grills make the perfect covers for power tools? They definitely do, and I’ve been using them for years!

power tool universal stand

Have questions about how to mount a bench power tool to a universal stand? Leave a comment below!

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