Use Old Drawer Boxes for Planters

Let me start off by saying that Pinterest, to me, is like a car wreck – I don’t want to look but can’t help myself. I feel my eyes being drawn to it.  Before I know it I’m drooling all over my computer with hours passing by and no work accomplished!


I saw cute planters similar to these on Pinterest. I’ve been looking for a new planter idea and this project caught my eye – simple, easy, and (for me) required a trip to the ReStore!! Yahoo!

I found two drawer boxes at the ReStore for $1 each and I thought they would be perfect for my planters. The only thing was that it would take no time at all for the water and soil to ruin the boxes themselves.


I removed the drawer fronts and set them aside.


I cut pieces of cedar that were roughly the size of the original drawer boxes…


And assembled the boxes using my trusty Kreg jig and weather-resistant pocket hole screws. (The horizontal pieces on the bottom are so that cute furniture legs can be added to the planters.)

 SANY2186  SANY2188  SANY2187

I used 1/2″ galvanized mesh, also known as “hardware cloth”, and stapled it to the bottom of the boxes.

 SANY2189  SANY2190

I secured the drawer fronts with brad nails from the inside of the box, and ran a bead of silicone where the drawer front met the cedar boxes to keep any water out from in between the two.

 SANY2191  SANY2192

I then stapled weed cloth inside the box to hold the soil in while letting the water drain through…


And planted Hen and Chicks plus Sedum in each box!


Now, I have to figure out where I’d like to place them in the yard where they will get the most benefit!


Until next time,

Happy Creating!


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