How to Make a Jewelry and Makeup Holder with Dinnerware

An Easy to Make Organizer Using Pretty Dishes

A lady always needs a place to keep her jewelry and makeup neatly organized. Why not create an organizer just for her using dinnerware? The dinnerware can be old or new; mixed or matched; thrifted or antiques! This DIY jewelry and makeup holder would be a fabulous gift for someone special!

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware

As a side note – I ended up adding a “stand” to the bottom of the organizer which is just a piece of wood with a hole drilled through the center. The bottom of the hole is also countersunk to allow for the nut to rest inside. I did not take a photo of this step…


  • Plate, bowl, and cup
  • Threaded rod for lamps with nuts
  • 1/2″ (hole) washers
  • 1/2″ diamond drill bit & drill (<– affiliate link!)
  • Spray primer & paint
  • Drawer pull
  • 8-32 machine screw for the drawer pull

Start by marking the position of the holes to be drilled into the plate, bowl, and cup. I created a video on How to Drill a Hole in a Plate Using a Diamond Bit. Check it out before drilling the holes, it is really easy but there are a few “need-to-know” tips involved! (Forgive the horrible lighting in the video!)

Using the diamond bit, drill the holes then set the dinnerware aside. I added a vinyl decal I cut with my Silhouette Cameo to the plate.

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware dishes with drilled holes

Determine the height of the organizer and cut a length of the rod. I used Rust-Oleum’s Rusty Metal Primer to prime the rod, nuts, and washers, then spray painted them silver.

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware washers and threaded rod

Thread a nut onto the rod leaving it as close to the bottom as possible. Add a washer, then the plate. Add another washer on top of the plate, then thread another nut on the rod to hold the plate in place.

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware nut on bottom

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware threaded rod

Thread a third nut onto the rod and add another washer. This will mark the position for the bowl. Adjust it until you are happy with the placement. Add the bowl, another washer, and a fourth nut to secure the bowl in place.

How to Make a Jewelry & Makeup Holder with Dinnerware washer

How to Make a Jewelry & Makeup Holder with Dinnerware SANY1984

Repeat the process for the cup. I kept adjusting the dinnerware on my organizer until everything was where I wanted it to be.

How to Make a Jewelry & Makeup Holder with Dinnerware SANY1985

Insert the machine screw in the bottom of the drawer pull. Make sure the head of the screw will fit through the opening in the rod. For the finishing touch, glue the drawer pull to the top of the rod inside the cup. I used Stik ‘n Seal by Loctite (<– affiliate link!).

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware glass drawer pull

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware drawer pull

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware side view of knob

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware top of crystal knob

jewelry makeup holder dinnerware completed

Got a project you’ve completed using my plans? Share photos with me at cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com or designsbystudioc {at} gmail {dot} com. I would love to feature your work on DbSC!


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