An Easy Way to Keep Cabinet Doors from Slamming…

How to Install Dampers on Cabinet Doors

I have a child who is a door-slammer. No matter how many times I get on her about it, she still slams every door every time she uses it. I found cabinet door dampers at the home improvement store. A damper for a cabinet door is a piece that installed at the cabinet opening, where the door hinge is located, and slows the swing of the door so it closes softly. I have been wanting these forever! When I remodeled the kitchen, I installed the easy-closing drawers slides on the drawers but didn’t know about the door dampers until later. A box of 10 cost me $34.95 (I needed two boxes) but I feel the money was well spent! Let me show you how to install dampers on cabinet doors…

How to Install Dampers on Cabinet Doors

They are very simple to install and are for overlay doors – doors that lay over the outside of the cabinet or frame. (For those who have inset doors – doors inside the frame – there are easy-close hinges available which might work for your application.)

So, to install the dampers, position the damper inside the corner of the cabinet opening and insert the included screw. The damper can be adjusted for light or heavy doors by turning the screw on the back (see the installation instructions)!

How to Install Dampers on Cabinet Doors 2

  How to Install Dampers on Cabinet Doors 3

  How to Install Dampers on Cabinet Doors 4

Now at least Little Miss Door-Slammer can’t slam the cabinet doors. If they made dampers for the entry doors on the house or for car doors, I’d be set!

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