How to Lay Cork Tiles

Let’s Get Floored: A Beginner’s Guide to Laying Cork Tiles!

Cork tiles are a natural and attractive flooring solution and they are easy to install using the most basic of tools. You will find cork tiles to be suitable for almost any room in your home. However, they are not suitable for use in rooms that receive intense sunlight, such as conservatories.

How to Lay Cork Tiles - A Simple Guide

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Prepare the Surface

Once you have decided that cork tiles are a suitable solution for your home, you will need to prepare the surface on which you wish to install them. The surface will need to be clean, flat and in good condition; any cracks will show through your tiles. Any existing flooring should be taken up and any damage repaired to ensure that the surface is smooth. If it is impossible for you to achieve a smooth surface, you could cover the floor with hardboard and install the tiles on this surface.

Measure Carefully

Before you begin to lay your cork tiles, you will need to measure the room carefully to ensure that you have enough tiles. You must take your tiles out of their packaging at least 24 hours before you install them. This will allow sufficient time for acclimatization. Since cork tiles can vary in shade, you should ideally lay out your tiles to arrange the colors and to check for any defects before you glue them in place.

Stagger the Joints

When laying your first few rows, draw two lines so that they intersect at a right angle near to the center of your room. To achieve the best results, begin with whole tiles and stagger the joints. Ensure that you leave a quarter inch gap in between your tiles to allow for their expansion.

Using Flooring Adhesive

If you have purchased stick-down cork tiles, you will need to peel the backing cover off and stick them to the floor. However, if your cork tiles are not stick-down tiles, you will need to use cork floor adhesive. A thin coat of adhesive will need to be applied to the floor and your tiles will need to be pressed down firmly on top of the adhesive. If they do not stick, you will need to apply a second layer of adhesive. Once each tile has been stuck in place, remove any excess adhesive immediately.

How to Lay Cork Tiles - A Simple Guide adhesive

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Roll Over the Tiles to Smooth

When you have finished laying your tiles, use a flooring roller to even out your floor. If your tiles are unfinished, you will need to seal them. However, the majority of tiles are already finished.


You will need to wait at least 24 hours before you walk on your cork floor. Once the adhesive has set, you will be free to use your new floor. You will be able to clean your floor with a hardwood cleaner. However, you will need to take care not to use excessive quantities of water when cleaning. If you care for your floor in the correct way, your floor should be able to withstand the test of time.

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