Home Maintenance Checklist for the Fall

Need a Little Home Maintenance?

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Fall is in full swing. While you’re preparing for Thanksgiving and switching your wardrobe over to warmer clothes, do yourself a favor and spend some time on your home. One of the main reasons to get your home prepared for the fall is so you can be sure it’s ready for the winter when problems can be especially bothersome due to the temperatures and the difficulty maneuvering around your property. Use this checklist to protect your home and remain as comfortable as possible for the rest of the season and then some.

home maintenance checklist fall

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Start Getting Your Home Winter-Ready

Rather than wait for the season’s first snowfall (if you haven’t had it already), it’s better that you go ahead and stock up on snow shovels, ice scrapers and ice melt. Think of anything else you might need for your home’s exterior or interior during winter and make a list. Now is a good time to start shopping because you might be able to find a few discounted items.

home maintenance checklist fall

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Take Care of Your Shrubs and Trees

Keep fallen limbs off your property, which can result in quite a lot of damage, by having an arborist or landscaping company take a look at your trees to let you know if they’re in good health. The fall season is also a good time of the year to consider fungicide treatments, which are an especially good idea if you have pine trees on your property.

home maintenance checklist fall

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Remove Hoses From Faucets

Chances are you won’t have much need to water your lawn very many more times this year, so go ahead and remove garden hoses from their faucets and store them for the winter. This is a good idea because any water that remains in the hoses can potentially back up into pipes and faucets. Should that water become frozen and crack your pipes, it could lead to extensive and expensive problems. Additionally, you should also turn off your water line’s shut off valves.

Check Your Property For Winter Safety

Plan on having a lot of guests over this winter for holiday celebrations? Even if you aren’t, you should walk around your home’s exterior and check all walkways, stairs, driveways and railings to make sure they’re safe and in good order. The last thing you want is to have someone fall and hurt him or herself, which could result in legal troubles. Head disaster off at the pass and take steps to protect your peace of mind and your guests.

Clear Out Your Gutters and Downspouts

You’ll want to wait to complete this item on your checklist until most of the leaves have fallen from the trees. Once they have, climb up and clean out your home’s gutters and downspouts so they’re clear of leaves, debris, twigs and anything else that might keep them from functioning normally. Having clean gutters and downspouts is especially important in the winter because of damaging ice dams that can cause unnecessary damage to your roof.

Take Steps for Pest Control

You aren’t the only one who wants to stay warm this winter. Keep mice and other pests out of your home by sealing up gaps in your home and other places where rodents can easily access your home’s interior. While you can use hardware cloth to plug holes, you might be better off consulting with pest control experts for tips and techniques on lowering the chances of pests eating your food and living rent-free in your home.

home maintenance checklist fall

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Have Your Furnace Inspected

Imagine enduring a cold snap without a source of heat. To keep that possibility at bay, have your furnace professionally inspected to see whether there are minor repairs that need to be done. Taking care of the problem now while it’s minor is likely to be much less expensive than waiting until things get out of hand and out of your price range.

Don’t let fall home maintenance fall to the wayside. Keep your property looking and functioning its best for the rest of the year with this home maintenance checklist for fall!

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