DIY Speaker Stand Makeover with Wood Slab Bases

An Easy Update to Surround Sound Speaker Stands

My set of speaker stands served me well before the tree fell on the house. After being outside in the elements for a year, they needed a little help. The speakers we are using in the front room didn’t fit on them anyway. The speakers are my husband’s Klipsch speakers and there is no way he would approve of putting his high-quality speakers on janky stands! I gave them a little DIY speaker stand makeover by adding wood slab bases on top so that our speakers would fit and the stands would be useful again. Plus, I got to use a bit of the tree that took out the house in another project!

DIY Speaker Stand Makeover

I spray painted the metal stands, then added pieces of the actual tree that fell on the house as a base for the speakers. The project only took a few hours, and here’s how I did it…

DIY Speaker Stand Makeover before

Cleaning the Stands

The stands are made of cast iron and still had cellulose insulation caked on them. I took the stands apart and thoroughly scrubbed them with a brush and dish soap, then put them in the sun to dry.

DIY Speaker Stand Makeover cleaning

Primer and Paint

Once the stands were dry, I sprayed them with a coat of rusty metal primer. In my opinion, rusty metal primer makes the best surface for spray paint allowing a nice surface for the paint to “bite” into.

When the primer dried, I painted the stands with a coat of metallic charcoal spray paint.

DIY Speaker Stand Makeover primer and paint

Adding the Pieces of Wood

I had a couple of pieces of one of the slabs leftover from another project (we had the tree that fell on the house cut into slabs). They were the perfect size for the speaker base on top of the stands measuring approximately 7″ x 7″. The wood slab pieces were finished with Danish Oil.

I secured the top part of the stands to the underside of the wood slabs using 1-1/2″ screws after pre-drilling the holes. I reassembled the stands and placed the speakers on top. I love how they came out!

DIY Speaker Stand Makeover wood slab

DIY Speaker Stand Makeover angled view


They are the perfect addition to our front room… and I still have two stands left for another speaker project (because holy cow, my husband has speakers for every occasion!).


DIY Speaker Stand Makeover completed

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