DIY Rain Gutter Planter

A Super-Quick and Easy Planter for Mom for a Quick Gift

I have to admit that sometimes I am a procrastinator… I had no idea what to give my mom for Mother’s Day and since she likes gardening, I wanted it to be gardening related! I had a piece of gutter left over from the Home Depot Rain Gutter Planter and created this DIY Rain Gutter Planter just for Mom. I added hanging clips and spray painted it a fun color so she could use it as a planter for the deck railing. This is a project that will take about an hour (including dry time for the paint) to complete!

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - Featured Image


  • Small section of vinyl gutter
  • Gutter end caps
  • Gutter hanging clips
  • Spray paint
  • Garden soil
  • Plants of choice
  • Exterior screws for mounting (<– affiliate link!)

Tools needed:

  • Miter saw or jigsaw
  • Drill with a small bit – 1/8″

Step One

Cut the gutter to length. I cut the gutter piece at about 18″ using my miter saw. I drilled a series of small holes on the bottom of the gutter for drainage.

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - Gutter, Clips & End Caps

Step Two

Slide the clips on the gutter piece, then add the end caps.

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - Mounting Clips

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - End Caps

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - End Caps, Top View

Step Three

Spray paint the completed planter in the color of your choice. I used a color named “Spa Blue” that can be used on many surfaces.

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - Painted Planter

Step Four

Fill the planter with soil and add the plants. I chose three different plants in pretty colors that I thought Mom would like.

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - Plants

Use exterior screws to mount the planter to the front of a porch railing.

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - Mounting with Screws

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - Angled View

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - Front View

DIY Rain Gutter Planter - Pinnable Image

Mom loved the planter and the pretty plants! These planters are really quick and easy to make as a last minute gift or just to up the curb appeal on the home. They would look great with herbs or succulents planted in them, as well! Have questions about the DIY Rain Gutter Planter? Leave a comment below!

Originally posted 2016-05-08 08:00:19.