Build a Rustic Basket

I love the “rustic” look of baskets and boxes! This would be an easy and quick way to use up a few scraps laying around! I thought it would be great on the picnic table to house condiments or a couple of two-liter bottle of soda – maybe even a few bottles of wine. It would also be a great way to organize a couple of Wine Bottle Torches!

Build a Rustic Basket

The size is, once again, totally customizable. For instance, if you prefer a longer box, add to the length of the bottom board and the slats.

I used oak plywood and a couple of 1/2″ oak strips from the scrap pile plus a coat of my favorite stain for oak – Rust-Oleum’s Ultimate Wood Stain in Sunbleached!


  • Scrap plywood or boards
  • Glue & brad nailer with 1-1/4″ brad nails (<– affiliate link!)
  • Stain or paint and sealer
  • Drawer pulls or rope (for handles)

Start by cutting the boards to size – click on the drawing to bring up a larger view. (Sorry about my pics – the shade is “moving” away from my work table!)

Build a Rustic Basket drawing

 Build a Rustic Basket cut pieces

I sanded each of the boards before assembly.

Attach the sides to the bottom by running a bead of glue along one of the shorter edges of the bottom, then nail the narrower end of the side to that edge. Repeat for the other side.

Build a Rustic Basket glue bead

  Build a Rustic Basket bottom secured

To attach the slats, start at the bottom (I find this makes it easier to square the box) by running a bead of glue along the side edge of the bottom and part way up each side, then nail the first slat in place.

Build a Rustic Basket side slats

  Build a Rustic Basket second side slats

Run a bead of glue only as wide as the slat to position it in place at the top and nail into place.

Build a Rustic Basket more slats

The middle slat can be “eyeballed” into position, then glued and nailed into place.

Build a Rustic Basket middle slat

  Build a Rustic Basket completely assembled

Stain or paint as desired, then seal. I used Rust-Oleum’s Ultimate Wood Stain in Sunbleached then sealed with Rust-Oleum’s Ultimate Polyurethane in Soft Touch Matte.

Build a Rustic Basket stained

To attach drawer handles to the sides, mark the placement on each side and drill holes, then install the handles. I wanted to make a rope handle for each side. I used a 1/2″ paddle bit to bore two holes in each side.

Build a Rustic Basket drilled holes

I used sisal rope and a very large crochet hook to make the handles.

Build a Rustic Basket crocheted rope

I left a long tail at both the beginning and the end of the handle, threaded the ends through each of the holes, and made a knot close to the inside of the basket.

Build a Rustic Basket rope knot

  Build a Rustic Basket completed handle

I trimmed the excess rope from the inside. Now I am ready for my next gathering! Wine, anyone??

Build a Rustic Basket completed basket

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