Make a Wine Bottle Torch

How to Make a Wine Bottle Torch

I know, there are tons of sites with this exact same subject. I went to one and thought,”Wow, this is cool! I want to make some!”.  I even saw one site where they made vases out of the wine bottles and hung them indoors on the wall. They were so pretty!

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So, I printed out the parts list and went off to the home improvement store to buy them. I only found a few – they didn’t know what the rest of the parts were and I was surprised by that! Once I got back home, I did a little research on the internet, ended up finding what I needed, and I’ll share my method on how to make a wine bottle torch.


  • 1/2″ copper cap
  • 1/2″ x 3/8″ copper coupling (shown with teflon tape wrapped on the larger end)
  • 3/8 x 16 threaded rod
  • 1″ split ring hanger (in the plumbing dept!)
  • 3/8″ ceiling flange (also called a “top plate connector”)
  • 2 – 3/8″ hex nuts
  • Tiki torch replacement wicks
  • Empty wine bottle

I wanted to use them as ambiance for a barbecue we were planning. Plus, if the bug repellent type of oil is used, it can do dual duty and keep those pesky mosquitos at bay! So here is how I created my torches:

I sprayed a clear coat on the caps and couplers. I didn’t want the patina on the copper that will eventually happen.

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The couplers will need to have teflon tape wrapped around the larger end. I found that wrapping the tape five times around it gave a nice, snug fit in the bottle opening. Then I inserted the wick in the opening with at least 1″ at the top.

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The store where I purchased the ceiling flanges didn’t have them in copper, only galvanized. I thought about spray painting them even though paint doesn’t stick to galvanized material very well. Its a small part so eventually repainting wouldn’t be a big deal. I used primer and painted them with hammered copper spray paint. I’m not ready to mount mine yet (I have to build the deck first!) so I set the ceiling flange, split ring connector, and threaded rod off to the side for awhile.

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Fill them with torch fuel and definitely use a funnel! The wicks seem short for the bottle but pour enough in there so the wicks can absorb the fuel. The Tiki brand fuel also comes in a bug-repellant type which will be great for this summer! I learned that water can be poured into the bottle along with the fuel (they won’t mix) and as long as the lower 1″ of the wick is in the fuel, it will burn just fine!

I waited until dark to light mine so I can check them out. The caps are so the wick can be protected when not in use. Aren’t they great?

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I have several of these torches that I’ve made in various bottles. I may share another post later on how to make a wine bottle torch using another type of bottle or jar! Any questions? Let me know at cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com!

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