A Few Amazing Projects to Build for the Outdoors

DIY Plans to Build Outdoor Furniture

Spring is just around the corner and since I’ve never done this before, I figured I would round up a few of the DIY plans to build outdoor furniture just for your to-do list! I, personally, cannot wait for warmer (DRY!!) weather because I have plenty more projects up my sleeve to share but until then, I think we’ll just settle for a few that were previously posted to help chase away any cabin fever!

Outdoor Furniture Graphic

The Curvy Collection

The Curvy Collection features three plans – the bench, the dining table, and the armchair. All three plans feature curvy base legs, and are super easy to build using straight off-the-shelf lumber! This is a great set for the deck or patio and can seat several friends at the next barbecue!

DIY Plans to Build Outdoor Furniture_Curvy Bench

DIY Plans to Build Outdoor Furniture_Curvy Dining Table

DIY Plans to Build Outdoor Furniture_Curvy Armchair

The Raya Daybed

I built the Raya Daybed before my son’s graduation for extra seating and painted it a vibrant turquoise. It has always been one of my favorite pieces of furniture… The old crib mattress is a really comfortable addition, and one can be found in a thrift store or yard sale extra cheap! (Yes, I do still read Rockler catalogs while lounging on it!)

DIY Plans to Build Outdoor Furniture_Raya Daybed

DIY Plans to Build Outdoor Furniture_Raya Daybed Relaxing

The Low Slung Chair

The Low Slung Chair is really cool. Built low to the ground, it is the perfect chair to have when sitting around the fire or even when watching movies outdoors in an outdoor theater! The chairs are an easy build as well, using treated boards or cedar!

DIY Plans to Build Outdoor Furniture_Low Slung Chair

A Bench with Arms

An outdoor setting would not be complete without a bench with arms! This bench features a curved top and curved arms, and has a more traditional look. The bench is an easy build and will look stunning in any home!

DIY Plans to Build Outdoor Furniture_Bench with Arms

Each and every one of these DIY plans to build outdoor furniture are perfect for any skill level, and can be completed in no time flat! Have any requests for outdoor furniture? Leave a comment below and let me see what I can do to create it!

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