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Add a Stunning Touch to Plain Plywood Panels

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I am building the Restoration Hardware Inspired 1900s Boulangerie Table from The Design Confidential. (These plans can be found here.) The plans call for different pieces of wood as the main panels on the tabletop. In an earlier post, I shared my method of making the legs out of 2x4s. Today, I will share the method I used [...]

Gorgeous Wall Sconce Makeover

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I found the neatest set of sconces at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They had the greatest lines and I thought they would be pretty fabulous with the right makeover.  It is not clear from the photo but the finish on them was probably awesome back in the 80s when sponge painting was cool. [...]

DIY Light Fixture Makeover

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I will admit it... I am an addict. I'm not only addicted to DIY, home improvement, Rust-Oleum products, and PureBond plywood. No sirree. I am addicted to our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore! My first trip there was about two months ago when Matt and I first started working on the Rebel house. I remember [...]