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Easy to Make Wall Art for Any Room

I saw an art piece in a magazine and I recognized the lyrics right away – “Blackbird” by The Beatles! How awesome! I decided it would be fun to create a version of this song lyric wall art for my daughter’s room. For this project, I used a few of the lyrics to my daughter’s favorite song – “Someone I Used to Know” by Gotye. This art can be totally customized not only in size, but for any song lyrics you choose – whether it be Frank Sinatra’s “New York”, LMFAO’s  “Party Rock Anthem”, Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction”, or whatever! A lullaby for baby’s nursery would be so sweet!! Plus, it is so inexpensive and easy!

song lyric wall art

Follow the directions below and you’ll have some rockin’ artwork in no time!!


  • Frame constructed with 1×2  or 1×3 lumber
  • 1/4″ lauan or plywood
  • Primer and paint, or stain of your choice
  • Repositionable vinyl letters (<– affiliate link!)
  • Paint for final coat

Let’s get started!

Step One

Construct the frame as shown below. The length and width are up to you… I used a few cabinet door frames I had left over from a project a long time ago.

song lyric wall art frame


Step Two

Cut a piece of 1/4″ lauan or plywood to fit the top of the frame. Use glue and short brad nails to secure in place.

song lyric wall art panel

Step Three

Prime and paint, or stain as desired. I used Martha Stewart Living eggshell paint in Mushroom for the base coat.

song lyric wall art prime

Step Four

Use the vinyl letters to spell out the wording or lyrics of your choice. I should have drawn pencil lines to keep the lettering straight but I decided to go commando then forgot to take a picture of the basecoat and the lettering. Great.

song lyric wall art painting over vinyl letters

Step Five

Paint over the entire piece, including the lettering. (I used a pink satin score from the mistake rack!) Once the paint is dry, remove the letters.

song lyric wall art paint covered

Step Six

It rained soon after I painted and the entire piece got wet. Fantastic.  When I removed the letters, they took some of the basecoat with them. Who would have thought the weatherman would actually be right??

song lyric wall art removed vinyl letters

   song lyric wall art close up letters

Step Seven

Once it thoroughly dried, I sanded the piece with 220 sandpaper and applied a top coat over the entire piece. Not too bad!

song lyric wall art lightly sanded

Add a sawtooth hanger and Rock On! have questions about the song lyric wall art? Leave a comment below!

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  • EvoD says:

    Awesome!  I will definitely do this one with Julia Gulia!  I too have been making my own collection of “oops” paints from the hardware store.  Paint is expensive, but if you can find a color that you can use in the future on some project it’s definitely worth the purchase!  🙂

  • With Wall Art you can make song lyric wall art that anyone can do with their most loved piece of music. Also it becomes how perfect for a gift for your special someone, or a lovely adding to a wedding celebration.

  • Dana says:

    Love this! I already have a few gift ideas in mind for this project – pinning it now! Visiting back from SITS – you have so many wonderful ideas on your blog!

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