How to Wax a Table Saw

Easy Table Saw Maintenance

When I was using my table saw one day, I noticed the lumber wasn’t running through the saw as smooth as it usually does . It was time for a cleaning… You see, even though I do tons of projects and have a million tools, I do not have a shop!!   Occasionally, the table gets a bit of rust on it which means the rust will transfer onto any lumber I run through the saw. I’ll share my method of how to wax a table saw which is a great bit of table saw maintenance to keep the saw running smoothly!
>How to Wax a Table Saw

The poor table saw (aka Big Daddy) is forced to live under the carport (actually chained to the post of the carport) with a waterproof grill cover as his coat. Depending on how much I am using him, I try to do this at least every few months. At this point, I’ve had Big Daddy for 10 years and he’s still running strong!

So, Can You Wax a Table Saw?

The answer is YES! Waxing the table saw surface is a great way to add a protected layer to the steel top, as well as keep the lumber running smoothly. A hang up on the table saw can cause serious injury and a few coats of wax is a great way to prevent that.

How to Wax a Table Saw removing rust

The Best Wax to Use on a Table Saw Surface

What is the best wax to use on a table saw surface? In my opinion, a paste wax is the best! Whether it’s Johnson’s Paste Wax or Minwax Paste Wax or whatever, a paste wax adds that necessary protective layer to keep rust at bay!

Can You Use Car Wax on a Table Saw?

Absolutely! I’ve used Turtle Wax as well as Maguire’s Cleaning Wax successfully! It is applied the same way as you would wax a car (Mr. Miyagi: Wax on, wax off) and also adds a protective layer!

How to Wax a Table Saw clean top

Exactly How Do You Do It?

Below, I’ve outlined the method I use to wax the top surface of my table saw. It’s easy to do and a great weekend project! There are a few steps that need to be performed for better protection of the surface before the wax is applied. So let’s get started…


Clean the Rust off of the Table Surface

I like to start by spraying the rusty spots on the table with WD-40. I let it sit for a few minutes, then use my wire brush to loosen the rust. I use an old rag to wipe everything off.

how to keep lumber running smoothly through the table saw

how to keep lumber running smoothly through the table saw wire brush

how to keep lumber running smoothly through the table saw scotch pad

The rust spots may not completely come off. I’m sure a rust remover product would work well for that and eventually, I will share my method to do that!

Apply the Wax

I like to put a coat of paste wax on the table and rip fence. I apply the wax with an old rag and let it dry. Then, I buff the wax off. Actually, I have a polishing pad for my sander and I use that. Yes, I’m lazy but it gives a new definition to “wax on, wax off”!
how to keep lumber running smoothly through the table saw paste wax

how to keep lumber running smoothly through the table saw clean top

how to keep lumber running smoothly through the table saw buffed top

The paste wax adds a nice coating and keeps everything flowing smoothly, and the likelihood of a dangerous hang-up has been lessened. Not only is Big Daddy sparkly clean, he’s a bit safer, too! Have questions about how to wax a table saw? Do you have a favorite method for waxing the table saw surface? Leave a comment below!

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