Why You Should Recycle Household Items

Let’s Get Eco-Friendly: Transforming Your Trash into Treasure with Household Recycling!

Hey there! It seems like we’re all dealing with a bit of an economic slump right now, unless you happen to be super wealthy. Whether you’re a pro at budgeting and can still enjoy some fun activities like watching sports or playing bingo, or you’re someone who’s always on the lookout for ways to save money on household items, there are plenty of ways to make the most of what you have and turn it into something useful. Let’s tackle this together!


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From turning old clothes into trendy tote bags to transforming a series of cardboard boxes into coasters, there are plenty of ways you can make use of what’s in your home through the process of recycling. Though you may have to purchase some supplies or tools – glue, thread, needles – the results are still far cheaper than actually going out to buy new items from a store. I have a couple of older posts on how I transformed an ill-fitting dress into something wearable and how I recycled cardboard boxes into gift bags  as well as using plastic shopping bags as stuffing for an outdoor cushion and using wine bottles to create torches! I also like to use soda can tabs (with a washer and a screw) to create hangers for wall art.

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If you’ve always wanted to get into arts and crafts, it’s also a great way to do so and practice what you’re learning without risking money spent on new materials! You can practice anything at all, and if something goes wrong, there’s no harm done as you were going to get rid of the item(s) in question anyway!

But one of the best ways to see your belongings recycled if you really don’t want them in the house at all is to donate them rather than throwing them in the trash. By doing so, you supply many people who are in unfortunate financial situations with clothing and other items.

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Although some people tend to bargain-hunt in charity stores and other similar locales, at least some of the items you donate will go to those who would otherwise go without entirely. If anything can be counted as a good motivation to avoid throwing things away and ensure they see as much use as possible, that’s definitely at the top of the list, at least morally speaking. So whether you’re recycling to use items for new purposes yourself or donating them to those who will make use of them instead, know that you’re saving yourself and others money, and being creative and thrifty or generous by doing so.

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  • Hi again Cher! Now this really sparked my interest. I’ve been recycling since I was a child. I set up an in house recycling system at my pharmacy bc the company is to cheap to pay for the service. Maybe it’s my iPad, but I didn’t see links to your previous post about the dress and cardboard boxes. Great post SITStah!

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