That Day a Tree Fell On the House…

What I’ve Learned Since a Tree Fell On My House

Yes, it’s true… A few weeks ago, we were awakened by the sound of a storm followed by a loud “boom”, then shattering glass. My first thought was, “What did the cats knock over now?”. Seriously. After peeking out of the bedroom door, my outlook on life (and cats knocking things over) changed dramatically! I’d like to share what I’ve learned since a tree fell on my house…

It Can Happen At Any Time

The tree wasn’t dead or even dying for that matter, and it wasn’t the first one I thought might fall. But it did fall – on my house, proving that this sort of thing can happen at any time and there is no way to be prepared for it.

Homeowner’s Insurance

We had homeowner’s insurance, however, I failed to update it with any improvements I made to the house and property. The insurance company paid the claim quickly but the house was only insured for a certain amount and worth double – lesson learned!

It’s a Waiting Game

There is only so much that can be done initially. I was at the mercy of the insurance company and then the finance company before I could have the tree removed and start the long process of cleaning up and rebuilding. We did what little we could, and I missed my house terribly!

Think Positive Thoughts

I decided early on that the tree would not “win”. It was going to be milled into lumber to build new furniture, namely a new dining table since it smashed mine!

Confidence in My Carpentry Skills

I’ve always been a little apprehensive in my skills as a carpenter… I wasn’t sure that I was really “good enough” to call myself a carpenter! I built a deck on the house two years ago, and even with the tree resting on it and a giant branch punched through part of it (breaking a joist and two floor boards), the deck is as solid as the day I built it with the boards being easily replaceable! Another cabinet I built had been driven through the floor and not smashed. The windows I installed on adjacent walls where the tree fell through were still intact. This showed me that I did a great job on my home improvement projects and that I should never question my own skills!

Being Thankful and Grateful

I always strive to be thankful and grateful in my life, and I am even more so now. Things could have been so much worse, especially since we were in the house when the tree fell. Everyone, including our furry family members, was accounted for and we even acquired a new member we knew nothing about.

So for the time being, the blog will take a bit of a different direction with what I’ve learned since a tree fell on my house. I’m prepared for the ride and I hope you are, too!