Trailer Frame Painting with Spray Paint

How I Painted my Trailer and Made it My Own

When I was in the business of building and refinishing furniture to sell in a flea market booth, I needed to have a utility trailer. It had to be something light and easy to handle (because I’m definitely not the greatest at backing a trailer but I can do it), and something that was inexpensive. I found one through Harbor Freight for roughly $500, and decided to make it my own by doing some trailer frame painting with spray paint.

trailer frame painting spray paint

This is my car also know as “The Batcar” and this is why I refer to my car as “The Batcar”. (Awesome, right?) For the record, Michael Keaton is the best Batman ever next to Adam West.

trailer frame painting spray paint _ The Batcar

trailer frame painting spray paint _ the reason it is The Batcar

This was what the inside of the Batcar normally looked like… Full of furniture, wood and other assorted project materials.

trailer frame painting spray paint _ furniture inside car

trailer frame painting spray paint _ other materials inside car

By the way, the console TV in the photo above became a really great cabinet with fabric covered doors!

So, when I decided on this trailer kit from Harbor Freight, I was surprised to find that it came in boxes and needed assembly. Without a doubt, the boxes fit into the Batcar, no problem. The fun part was going to be unloading those heavy boxes but the really fun part was the ability to paint the frame to reflect my personal taste. Plus, if the locals ever decided to steal it, it would be super easy to identify!

Once the boxes were unloaded, the parts were laid out on pallets, lightly sanded to scuff the finish and sprayed with a rusty metal primer then two coats of spray paint. In my opinion, RustOleum is the best spray paint for a trailer frame!

trailer frame painting spray paint _parts laid on pallet for primer

trailer frame painting spray paint _ parts spray painted

The parts took the spray paint very well, and it was so easy to put together especially with help from my kitty, Sir. He’s the best helper and kept the plastic from blowing away. He also helped interpret the assembly instructions from inside the box when I had trouble, ha ha!

trailer frame painting spray paint _ kitty laying in the box

trailer frame painting spray paint _ kitty reading the instructions

The kit came with brake lights and wiring, side running lights and a license plate frame. There were also brackets included to make fence-type walls which I eventually built after adding a treated plywood floor. I still need to add a jack to the front.

trailer frame painting spray paint _ back view of trailer

UPDATE: this trailer was actually painted 10 years ago and the paint still looks perfect! I may try to source new wheels because I’d like something a little larger but overall, this was a great purchase for my needs!
trailer frame painting spray paint _ decal on back of frame

This trailer does have a weight limit and obviously, isn’t for hauling heavy items but it’s perfect for a DIYer like me to haul furniture or building supplies back and forth!

Have questions about the trailer or painting the trailer frame with spray paint? Leave a comment below!

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  • divadee113 says:

    HA! I love it! I am hoping that you wear a blue cape & tights when you ‘rescue’ all that furniture! If so, I’m gonna need some pictorial proof, I would be so proud! Please do an update post in a year or so to let us know how the paintjob is holding up?

    • CherTexter says:

      Ha ha!! I will definitely do an update… I’m hoping it will hold up well! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • lizy says:

    Hail to Batgirl, Robin (the handy helper) and I’m still trying to figure out who would your little kitty be…Alfred? lol…I’m sure you’re going to be taking this trailer on a lot of “missions” thanks for sharing the news at the Fluster Buster Party! Have a fantastic week, Lizy

  • My Repurposed Life says:

    so jealous of your trailer! I want one! 🙂 Love that you painted it, seriously a great idea! sweet decal too! 🙂

    great job Cher!

    • CherTexter says:

      Thank you, Gail! I just had to make it my own and I love it. Now if only I can master backing up with it, I’ll be in business!

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