Space Saving Doors

Space-Saving Door Solutions for Small Spaces

If you live in a small space, then you’re likely to have thought about how you can make it seem bigger. If you’ve employed all the usual tricks like using light colors, reflective surfaces and clever storage, but you’re still left wishing you had more space, then perhaps you should change the way that your doors work. You could save up to 6% of space in a room if you were to swap your swing doors for a space saving option.
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Types of Space Saving Doors

Swing doors automatically mean that the space in front of the door, where it swings, and the space next to the door is dead space. However, space-saving doors don’t need this space as they open and close in a different way. There are quite a few different options when it comes to the ways in which they operate.

  • Bi-Folding Doors. These doors cut down on the space that’s used by regular doors by about half. They are ideal for bigger doorways as they still need space at the side of the door.
  • Sliding Doors. If you have space to either side of your door, then a sliding door will work really well.
  • Pocketed Sliding Doors. This is when the door slides in to a compartment that is concealed within the wall next to the door.

These doors are ideal if you don’t want to see the door when it’s open, or you feel that you would save more space if the door is hidden. Doors that operate differently are relatively easy to install, and don’t require much technical skill. You can find pocket sliding door kits, as well as regular sliding door systems, in most big box home improvement stores.
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Making Use of the Dead Space

If however, you don’t want to replace your door, then there are ways to utilize the space that isn’t being used. For instance, you could install shelves that allow you to display books cover out, so that they are flat, but are still usable. You could also make the door itself wider by turning it into shelves, or using over the door hooks or shelves and using it as a storage solution. This could be particularly useful in the kitchen, bathroom or kids room. So whether you’re feeling space conscious or you’re just looking for something more interesting than a simple swing door, then consider changing the way they work so they work for you.

Outside of space saving doors, how would you create more space in the home? Leave a comment below!

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