How to Mount a Table Saw to the Ridgid TSUV

Easy Mods to Mount Any Contractor Table Saw to the RIDGID Mobile Stand

Years ago, I was given a table saw from Ridgid. For whatever reason, I did not register it for the warranty. My loss. Fast forward several years, and the motor in the saw went bad. I really missed having a second table saw, and it was cheaper for me to buy another saw than try to find a replacement motor. Unfortunately, the new saw isn’t quite as deep as the original saw and could not be mounted directly to the stand (the table saw utility vehicle or TSUV) as the old one once was. With a few modifications, I was able to safely mount the saw to the Ridgid TSUV and maintain the ability to move the saw where I needed it with little effort!

mount saw to ridgid tsuv saw on stand

After removing the old saw, I determined the items I would need to mount the new saw. I used a few scraps of a pressure treated 1×4, a scrap piece of pressure treated 3/4 inch plywood and a few exterior screws (1-1/2 inch and 2-1/2inch). I reused the original mounting bolts because they were in pretty good shape!

Note: I used pressure treated wood because I live in a humid climate, and the saw would remain outside under a cover. 

mount saw to ridgid tsuv

I started by cutting three pieces of the 1×4 the same width of the TSUV frame plus about one inch. I marked the position of the bolt holes on two of the boards, then drilled countersunk holes so the bolt heads would sit just below the surface of the 1×4 and would not interfere with the plywood that would eventually be placed on top.

mount saw to ridgid tsuv hole for bolt

The boards were secured to the frame using the mounting bolts. The third board was not mounted to the frame, but placed between the other two boards, and will act as a support for the center of the plywood surface.

mount saw to ridgid tsuv countersunk bolt


The plywood piece was cut to span both of the mounted 1×4 pieces, then secured in place using 1-1/2 inch exterior screws. The plywood surface was also secured to the center 1×4 with 1-1/2 inch screws.

mount saw to ridgid tsuv plywood position

The new saw (the Ridgid R4518) was positioned on the plywood surface, then secured through the plywood and 1x4s using 2-1/2 inch screws.

Plus, the stand still folds for portability! As a side note, waterproof grill covers (<– affiliate link!) are perfect for power tools that have to live outdoors!

mount saw to ridgid tsuv folded stand

Have questions about mounting a table saw to a Ridgid stand? Leave a comment below!