How to Duplicate Curves In Lumber

Easily Recreate Edges with a Router

Whenever I am building something from plans that call for more than one decorative notch or curve, I have a “thing” about them being exactly the same. It drives me crazy if they are not! Is it some form of OCD? Probably… We all have a touch of that somewhere in our lives! I mean, really, it should be easy to cut both pieces at the same time with a jigsaw, right? I do not have that relationship with the jigsaw (we are not friends). After a bit of thought I figured the easiest way to duplicate the curves in lumber that is a total no-brainer is by using a router.

duplicate curves in lumber


I can cut just one piece with curves with the jigsaw, clamp the piece to the next one that needs to be cut, and use the router to duplicate the curve?  Wahoo! Even if one curve is off a little, they are all off which keeps my brain from obsessive overload (and avoids a lot of work with the dreaded jigsaw)!


  • Jigsaw
  • Router (<– affiliate link!) with Patterning Bit (or Flush Cutting Bit)
  • Clamps

Here is how it is is done:

Start by drawing the curves and lines on the board that will need to be cut out.

duplicate curves in lumber drawing curves


Use the jigsaw to cut it out…

duplicate curves in lumber cutting first piece


Clamp the piece to the next one…

duplicate curves in lumber clamping boards


Use a router with the patterning bit – the bit with the guide bearing at the top is the one I use.

duplicating curves in lumber patterning bit


Rout the second board with the guide following the board already cut out by the jig saw.

duplicate curves in lumber finished


That’s it! I wouldn’t have avoided so many great plans if I’d thought to do it this way before! It’s a few extra steps but far less headache and irritation at the thought of the curves not matching! Have any tips or questions about how to duplicate curves in lumber? Leave a comment below!

Originally posted 2012-09-22 08:00:43.

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