How Has Deck Restore Held Up Over Two Years?

Deck Restore Review Revisited – The Porch Two Years Later

A couple of years ago, I used Deck Restore on my front porch and wrote a review about it. I decided it was about time I pressure washed the deck, something I normally do every year (but a side project called the “Rebel house” got in the way last year), and write a Deck Restore review revisited post to share how well the coating has held up.

Deck Restore Review Revisited - Floor After

I live in Arkansas where our weather runs the gamut – heat, humidity, rain, snow, sleet, ice, and hail. Throw a dog, several cats, and humans into the mix, plus paint, stain, and sawdust, and the porch gets a lot of wear and tear! I am happy to report, that the Deck Restore has held up really, really well!

Deck Restore Review Revisited - Floor Before

I have an outdoor rug and when we lifted it off of the porch, we could see how dirty the porch really was! I spent a good two hours pressure washing the dirt off of a 10′ x 12′ porch and was very pleased with the results!

Deck Restore Review Revisited - Furniture

The Deck Restore only lifted in a couple of spots which is no big deal to me since I bought an extra two gallons to finish the front steps (that I didn’t finish two years ago) so a touch-up will be no problem! The only bad thing is that the areas where we walk are still really stained with the red clay that is so prominent here but that is not the fault of the product. My thinking is that if the staining really bothers me, I can have an exterior paint mixed up in the same color, and use it to paint over the Deck Restore to freshen it up!

Deck Restore Review Revisited - Front Door

The product is really thick and can be really expensive. I think I spent nearly $300 to do the entire porch including the railings which is not recommended by the manufacturer but I had good luck with it. (Do this at your own risk!) I’ll share a few tips from experience:

  • When applying the first coat, use the included roller, then follow up with a large paint brush to smooth the product a bit and push it in the cracks. This really helps the product go farther and save a bit of money.
  • Another option to make the product go farther would be to buy matching paint, and mix the paint equally with the product. This will result in a thinner coating but then again, it would require less product and probably still have the same protection. (This is not something recommended by the manufacturer but there is no reason why it won’t work.)
  • If you decide to do the railings, use a paint brush to apply the first coat, and work it into the cracks and seams.

Deck Restore Review Revisited - Me

All in all, I am still really thrilled with this product! I love the way our porch looks even if it still looks a bit dirty, it is still better than the stained treated boards. When I get ready to paint the roof of the porch, I will probably paint the floor as well.  If you have any questions about the Deck Restore review revisited, contact me at cher {at} designsbystudioc {dot} com!

This is NOT a sponsored post… I’m sharing follow-up info on a product I’ve used!