Build a Seventh Ave Inspired X Etagere

An Easy to Build DIY X Shelf

Today’s plans are super-easy and super-inexpensive! The free plans to build a Seventh Ave inspired X Etagere would be a great way to organize your space and it would be really cool painted lime green to use as a “Christmas Tree” for the holidays! This DIY X shelf uses off-the-shelf lumber and is a great weekend project!

build seventh ave inspired x etagere


  • 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws
  • 1-1/4″ screws
  • 2″ pocket hole screws, optional (<– affiliate link!)
  • Finishing Supplies


  • 1 – 1×12 at 8′
  • 1 – 1×12 at 4′
  • 4 – 1×3 at 8′
  • 1 – 1×2 at 8′

Cut List:

  • 2 – 1×3 at 14-1/16″- X
  • 2 – 1×3 at 48-3/4″ – X
  • 2 – 1×3 at 63-11/16″ – X
  • 8 – 1×2 at 11-1/4″ – Supports
  • 1 – 1×12 at 16″ – Shelf
  • 1 – 1×12 at 26″ – Shelf
  • 1 – 1×12 at 36″ – Shelf
  • 1 – 1×12 at 46″ – Shelf


Step One

Cut the pieces for the X legs. Cut the angles and drill pocket holes as shown. Maintain the dimensions as indicated and assemble the Xs using glue and 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws.

diy x shelf legs

build seventh ave x etagere legs

Step Two

Cut the pieces for the supports. The supports can be attached using pocket holes drilled in the ends of the supports and 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws, or using 2″ countersunk screws through the outside of the X into the end of the supports. The holes can be filled or covered with wood plugs.

diy x shelf rungs for shelves

Step Three

Cut the pieces for the shelves. They will be attached to the supports using glue and countersunk 1-1/4″ screws. Center them by positioning the ends (the part of the shelf that will hang over the outside of the X) an equal distance away from the X. Secure in place.

build seventh ave inspired x etagere shelves

Have any questions about the free plans to build a Seventh Ave inspired X Etagere? Leave a comment below!

As always, if you build anything from my plans, please share pictures! I’d love the feature your hard work on Designs by Studio C!

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