DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder

Another Project Using a Piece of the Tree Slab

I really enjoyed making the Wood Slab End Table using a piece of the tree that fell on the house… Not to get ‘revenge’ on the tree but because the oak is just beautiful! I decided that I would use another piece of the tree to make a DIY wood slab candle holder because why not? One can never have too many candle holders!

DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder

This easy project can actually be made with any kind of wood, and also using straight off-the-shelf 2x boards. I didn’t use any super-fancy tools, either… I used a saw to cut the wood, a 2″ Forstner bit to drill the holes and a sander to smooth out the rough faces. Plus, it can be made using any length and width! Here’s how I did it:

I started with a small slab of the tree that split (I’m saving the other half for another project!).

DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder_Slab

I drew a line with a pencil and a straight edge, then cut along the line with a circular saw. I used the straight edge (that I just cut) along the rip fence on my table saw to straighten the other edge. An edge guide can be used with a circular saw or another line can be drawn and the cut can be made along the line with a circular saw (<– affiliate link!). I also cut the ends so that the piece was a rectangular shape.

DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder_Cut Edge

DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder_Straight Edges

I marked the position for the candles by drawing a line across the center of the slab, then dividing it by the number of candle holders I wanted to use, in this case, four. I used a 2″ Forstner bit (<– affiliate link!) in my drill press to drill flat-bottomed holes about 1/2″ deep. A regular drill can also be used… Forstner bits cut best at low speeds so make sure the drill is set to run slowly!

DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder_Forstner Bit Holes

DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder_Drill Press

I sanded the slab using 80, 120, and 220 grit sandpaper, and then used a wet paper towel to remove the dust. One the piece was dry, I sanded it again with the 220 grit sandpaper because the water on the paper towel will raise the grain. I finished by sealing the entire slab using a matte finish polyurethane to let the fabulous burl in the wood show through!

DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder_Finish

Self adhesive felt pads can be used on the bottom as feet to keep the piece from marring a table or cabinet surface. I used candle holders (with the candle!) from the dollar store to complete the look!

DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder_Candles

DIY Wood Slab Candle Holder_Candle Light

This is honestly one of my favorite projects. The oak is so pretty with the saw marks and imperfections, and I love the glow reflected in the finish! Have questions about the DIY wood slab candle holder? Leave a comment below!

Originally posted 2019-10-29 08:00:38.