Which Tool for Cutting Edge Banding Works Best?

A Guide to Different Cutters for Edge Banding

Hey there! When I work on projects that involve plywood, I like to use edge banding on the exposed edges. To make my life easier, I always use a cutter that’s specifically designed for cutting edge banding. There are a few different cutters out there, but I’ve tried them all and I know which one works the best. Want to know my secret? Keep reading!

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Before I start, I do need to mention that this post contains links to sites where I am an affiliate. In other words, if you click the link and make a purchase from that site, I will get a commission from the sale.

The first cutter I’d like to talk about is the Band-It Edge Trimmer. This is a single blade cutter that cuts in either direction. It gives a clean cut but it is really hard to keep it positioned on the edge of the material. It is inexpensive and works pretty well. Replacement blades are also available inexpensively.

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The next cutter is from Milescraft and uses regular razor blades. This trimmer cuts in either direction as well as around corners. Can’t get any easier than that, right? I did have the same problem as I did with the Band-It trimmer – I had a hard time keeping it aligned with the edge of the material but that is something a little practice could help with!

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The last cutter is one of my favorites – the Double Edge Trimmer (<– affiliate link!). This cutter is great because it makes two cuts per single pass. In other words, the first blade trims the edge banding close to the material while the second blade cuts a mini bevel on the edge. I find that when I use this cutter to trim edge banding, the edge banding blends into the material better making it look more like a solid piece of wood. I like to separate the halves and use them individually. I feel I have better control over the cutter and have no problems keeping it flush with the material. Replacement blades are also readily available.

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Each of us will have our own way of cutting edge banding. Some may use a fancy cutter and some may use a plain ol’ X-Acto knife! Use whatever method works for you!


  • Elle says:

    Handy gadgets. I know just the person to share this with.

  • STAN says:


    • CherTexter says:

      Hi, Stan! I just use a regular pair of scissors to cut the edge banding at the side edges. There is a tool available from Rockler that will cut it but I find that tool expensive! The scissors work just fine for me! I hope this helps!

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