Fabulously Easy to Build Bookcases

A Collection of DIY Plans to Build Bookcases

I have created several different plans for bookcases… I have put together a fabulous collection of DIY plans to build bookcases and I am sure there is something for each taste and style! Each of the plans are easy to build, inexpensive, and perfect for any skill level!

A Collection of DIY Plans to Build Bookcases_Bookcases Graphic

One of my most favorite bookcases ever was built using an old wood door as the sides. Inspired by an example at My Repurposed Life, I built this bookcase and painted it a very vibrant pink. I sold it as soon as I posted a photo of it on Facebook, and it lives with a good friend of mine. Old doors can be found rather inexpensively at flea markets, thrift stores, or a Habitat for Humanity ReStore!

A Collection of DIY Plans to Build Bookcases_Old Door Bookcase

This is another favorite bookcase… I love the curved stretcher at the top and the drawers at the bottom. The Bombay Bookcase can be built as a pair or even as a triple to fill a wall space and add tons of storage!

A Collection of DIY Plans to Build Bookcases_Bombay Bookcase

Here is another interesting bookcase that can also double as a room divider… The Cube Bookcase features cubes constructed of plywood that can be painted one color with frames separating each cube that can be painted or stained a different color for a really interesting effect!

A Collection of DIY Plans to Build Bookcases_Cube Bookcase

The Stately Bookcase is a huge piece of furniture with doors on the bottom creating a very beautiful piece of storage! A fabulous collection of dinnerware could also be displayed in this beauty, and the bookcase can be fitted to an area to resemble a built-in.

A Collection of DIY Plans to Build Bookcases_Stately Bookcase

The Reclaimed Bookcase Divider is another piece that can be used to separate two spaces yet keep books or “collections” completely organized!  This bookcase would be a great piece to store dinnerware in a small space or as storage in a kiddo’s room…

A Collection of DIY Plans to Build Bookcases_Reclaimed Bookcase

Want more options other than what I’ve included in this collection of DIY plans to build bookcases? Enter the word “bookcase” in the search bar to the right of the screen… There are several more plans available!

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