Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

Bathroom Towel Racks Design Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Having bath towels within easy reach is ideal, especially if you’ve forgotten to leave the towel out before stepping into the shower (it happens to me all the time!). But when you think of bathroom towel storage, what comes to mind? The plain metal bars mounted to the wall or something beetter? I have a few bathroom towel rack ideas that are modern and easy to incorporate into any style. They are creative and definitely made by thinking outside the box!

Wall Mounted Knobs

Large drawer knobs mounted to the wall work really well to hang towels or even a plush terry bathrobe next to the bath or shower door, and they’re easy to install, too! By installing an auger anchor in the wall where the hangers will be located, inserting an 8-32 hanger bolt (<– affiliate link!), then screwing the knob onto the hanger bolt. the knob becomes a pretty and functional hanger for towels! (Plus, it’s a really easy project!)

bathroom towel rack ideas knobs

bathroom towel rack ideas install

Add Towel Bars Between the Wall Studs

Another one of the bathroom towel holder ideas is to add the towel bars between the wall studs. This sounds crazy but actually works really well in a small space! By removing the drywall and building a frame between the wall studs, the towel racks can be mounted to the top of the frame and the towels will hang “inside” the wall! I did this in both of my bathrooms many years ago, and it’s a real space-saver.

bathroom towel rack ideas between studs

Photo Courtesy of The Design Confidential

Build a Wooden Towel Rack

This easy to build wood towel rack keeps rolled or folded towels within easy reach. The towel rack is built using 1x2s and is mounted directly to the wall. It can hold 4 to 6 towels plus washcloths, is extremely inexpensive to make and the project can be completed in a couple of hours.

bathroom towel rack ideas wood plans

Rustic Drawer Knob Rack

This is, by far, one of the easiest projects! A rustic drawer knob rack which is actually made using drawer knobs mounted to a pallet board, can be made any length desired with however many knobs you want! Once secured to the wall, it is an excellent option for hanging towels or robes in the bathroom.

bathroom towel rack ideas pallet board with knobs

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A Custom Expanding Rack

This custom expanding rack  isn’t the same as the one Grandma used in the 70s… This is an ultra cool storage piece made using oak strips and drawer knobs with soda can tabs on the back for hangers. This rack can be easily completed in a few hours and makes a nice addition to the bathroom!

bathroom towel rack ideas expanding


Single Glass Knob Wall Hangers

A single glass doorknob mounted to a framed piece of plywood which is then mounted to the wall makes a beautiful hanger for towels. The plywood piece is covered with decorative scrapbooking paper and the frames are painted in bright colors for a beautifully vintage vibe!

bathroom towel rack ideas glass doorknob

Photo Courtesy of The Craft Alternative

So when looking for bathroom towel rack ideas, think creatively! The towel racks definitely don’t have to be traditional but something that suits you and your style, and provides bathroom towel storage that you’ll love!

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