The Demilune Table

A Beautiful and Easy to Build Table

Awhile back, I posted plans for a demilune table, also known as a half moon table. I actually started building the table before I published the plans but one thing led to another and… well, you know – stuff happens and I didn’t get to finish it! I finally had the opportunity to complete it and want to share it with you today!

Cutting the Kerfs for the Curves

I used Purebond plywood to construct the main pieces of the table. Yep – even the curved pieces are plywood! It is very easy to make a curved piece with a piece of plywood. By cutting kerfs (narrow cuts in lumber) that do not cut past the last layer of the plywood and moving the rip fence on the table saw in 1/4″ increments (to allow for the 1/8″ thickness of the blade), curved pieces are very easy to achieve! The finished piece was secured to curved pieces of MDF using glue and 1-1/4″ brad nails.

 the demilune table SANY1929

   the demilune table SANY1930

the demilune table SANY1931

The Legs and Framing

The legs and framing are constructed from 2x4s I ripped down using my table saw. I find this to be much more economical than buying regular off-the-shelf boards which can be terribly expensive!

the demilune table SANY2466 

The Beautiful Top

The top is a piece of walnut PureBond plywood. PureBond offers several different species of veneer available for special order at your local Home Depot. The grain on this particular piece was fabulous! I used Rust-Oleum’s Ultimate Wood Stain in American Walnut followed by three coats of their Ultimate Polyurethane in Satin. Beautiful, right?

the demilune table SANY2462 

The Drawer

I did not use drawer slides for the drawer. I used thumb tacks on the bottom of the drawer as well as a coat of paste wax to keep things running smoothly! The handle was a find from my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, spray painted Oil Rubbed Bronze and I used adhesive shelf paper inside!

the demilune table SANY2465 

The Fabulous Color

The color, though not for everyone, seemed to be a perfect fit with the walnut top. I used Behr Premium Plus paint in Strawberry Daiquiri.

the demilune table SANY2464 

So there you have it… This particular table is not too terribly challenging at all! I believe a beginner can do it. Cutting the kerfs is a little tedious and time consuming but it was well worth it, don’t you think?

 the demilune table SANY2463

Have questions about the Demilune table? Leave a comment below!

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  • Jim says:

    Where did you get the curved MDF?

    • Hello, there! I cut them myself – check out the plans which will give dimensions and directions on how to do so! Thank you for stopping by!

  • corey @ TinySidekick says:

    Not sure I could pull this off but I do love it! And love the color.
    Corey from

    • Thank you very much! It really is easy to build, I swear!! If you ever want to try and need help, let me know… I would be happy to walk you through it! Thank you for stopping by!

  • Christine @ theDIYdreamer says:

    You are VERY VERY VERY talented!! The table is AMAZING!!!

    • Thank you very much!! I love to build furniture and the only bad thing is that I don’t get to keep everything ~ I have no place to put it!! Thank you for stopping by!

  • Randi says:

    Wow … that’s beautiful! I’m so intrigued by the curving of the wood … I have to try that! Thanks for linking up at Project Inspire{d}!

    • It was so easy to do! I might try my hand at building a waterfall dresser using the same technique! Thank you very much for hosting and for stopping by!!

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  • I see this was posted 2 yrs back….I may or may not get an answer, BUT, was wondering what/how you used thumb tacks on the bottom of the drawer? And paste wax? Could you give a bit more detail on that use?? By the way…..GREAT WORK!!! THANK YOU in advance!!!!

    • Hi, Pauliegirl! I’m still around! The thumb tacks will go into the bottom sides of the drawer boxes. This helps the drawers slide smoothly without hanging. The paste wax will do the same thing. A coat of wax is applied to the bottom of the drawer, the buffed off. This makes the surface smooth and slick so the drawer slides in and out easier. Hope this helps and if you have any further questions, please ask away!

  • Thanks for the quick response!!! I have an apothecary piece with 12 shelves….i will give it a try!! Thanks again!!

  • […] you remember the demilune table I built? It was really super simple! I created free DIY woodworking plans to build a demilune […]

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