A New Kitchen Faucet With a Built-In Water Filter

The Pfister Clarify Faucet with Xtract Technology

Do you ever consider the purity of the drinking water in your home? I have no clue what of the “purity” of drinking water is in my home but we are about to find out! I’ve partnered with Pfister to try out the Pfister Clarify faucet with Xtract technology and also to test the quality of the drinking water before and after installation.


Let’s talk about the Pfister Clarify faucet with Xtract technology, first. The Pfister Clarify faucet with Xtract technology dispenses filtered drinking water and regular tap water from the same faucet using GE® 2X High Flow filtration reducing contaminants such as chlorine, lead, and pharmaceuticals in the drinking water. The filter is activated through the handle on the faucet itself – pushing the handle back for filtered drinking water and pushing the handle to the side for regular tap water. The filtered drinking water flows faster through the faucet than through refrigerator filtration or water pitchers!


The Pfister Clarify faucet with Xtract technology is easy to install… There are no large, clunky systems to install, and it normally takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish! The filters are installed directly under the sink and tap into the water line. The filters are also recyclable and last up to six months.


Before I installed the Pfister Clarify faucet with Xtract technology, I tested the quality of the water with a testing kit provided by Pfister. As you can see, the quality of the water from the tap in my home isn’t all that bad! The pH is a low and not in the “OK” range.


I started by turning off the water supply under the sink (for me, this also meant cleaning out the bottomless pit of cleaning supplies under the sink!) and I removed the old faucet. This was also a great time to clean the area of the countertop behind the sink and to re-caulk that area – it certainly needed it!


Since my sink was set up for a three-hole faucet, I used the included cover plate and secured the faucet to the sink. The installation instructions included with the Pfister Clarify faucet with Xtract technology are really great! They are clear and easy to understand with illustrated diagrams. Don’t lose them, they will be come your best friend!


Once I had everything installed and ran the faucet in the drinking water mode for approximately 10 minutes (according to the instructions), I tested the water again. There really wasn’t much change except that the pH was on the higher end of the spectrum after installation. The drinking water had a sort of “sweet” taste to it.


The Pfister Clarify faucet with Xtract technology is beautiful, modern, and will fit into any style. The stainless steel finish is fabulous and I really love the drinking water feature with the filter!


For more information on the Pfister Clarify faucet with Xtract technology, including information on how it can save money over buying bottled water, go here.

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