How to Save by Using LED Lights

How to Save by Using LED Lights

Using energy saving lights should be a no-brainer by now. If you love the environment and your purse being a little fuller, then you probably already have energy saving bulbs in your main light switches, but what about those halogen bulbs?

Typically, lighting accounts for 8% of the typical household energy bill. So think about how much you could save if you cut down on your usage, and it’s really easy to do.

If you replace a halogen downlighter with an LED light, you’ll save about four pound (roughly $6.00 US) a year. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you consider that they will last for about 50,000 hours, or 50 times as long as a traditional bulb.

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How LED Works

LED light bulbs are already used in mobile phones, tablets and TVs. A Light Emitting Diode is simply an electronic device that allows electricity to flow in one direction only, and as this happens, light is emitted as a side effect. They have several advantages over traditional light bulbs. They do not have a filament, so they do not burn out and the small plastic bulb they are housed in is more durable so they last much, much longer than a conventional bulb.

The production of light in an LED produces very little heat- this production in a traditional light bulb is completed wasted energy as more energy goes towards creating heat than light. In an LED bulb, more of the percentage of power goes towards producing light than heat, and therefore uses less energy overall.

LEDs also produce more lumens (the measure of light) per watt than traditional light bulbs, almost four times as much. This means that LEDs don’t need to use as much electricity to produce the same amount of light as a traditional light bulb.

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LED bulbs are not confined to a replacement for halogen bulbs either. Most Christmas lights are LED lights, and they are used in fairy lights, curtain lights, tea candle lights and solar lights and more. Check out the wide variety that is available from and find whatever you’re looking for.

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They are traditionally quite expensive, but as traditional light bulbs are being phased out in the UK and the US, and companies are striving to produce more inexpensive bulbs, the price is coming down. Because they last so long, they are really good value for money, with some companies offering a 10 year guarantee. 


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