How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template

Cutting the Chunky Curved Legs using a Template

Previously, I posted plans to build a dresser with chunky curved legs and I also mentioned that I was going to add it near the top of my “to build” list! The build is going so well, and the front legs were a breeze to cut. Let me offer a little clarification in the process of creating the legs by showing how to cut the wood legs with a template. Trust me, they are super-easy to create!

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template

Start by printing the template for the legs in the plan. Align the registration marks, tape the sheets together, then cut out the template.

For this particular plan, a 45° bevel will be cut in both edges of one side of a 2×6 board.

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template_Bevel

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template_Bevel Profile

The template will be aligned with the flat side of the bevel, not the point. (See the photos!) I traced around the template with a pencil.

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template_Template

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template_Tracing

In order to make both legs as close to identical as I can get them (it will drive me nuts if they are different), I aligned the pieces at the point of the bevel, then drove 2-1/2″ screws through both pieces.

It is easier to cut the legs with a bandsaw, if one is available, and the legs can also be cut with a jigsaw. I made a series of relief cuts in the excess material that would be cut away.

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template_Bandsaw

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template_Relief Cuts

After the legs were cut, I sanded the pieces with 60 grit sandpaper (<– affiliate link!), followed by 120 grit. I removed the screws and filled the holes with wood filler. I used a dark colored filler because I know I want a dark stain on the dresser. I also filled any minor nicks left by the relief cuts.

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template_Sanding

How to Cut Wood Legs with a Template_Filler

Once the filler dries, I will sand the legs with 220 grit sandpaper then complete the plan. I cannot wait until it is finished! This quick tutorial on how to cut wood legs with a template should take some of the hesitation out…

This cute and curvy dresser plan also utilizes a template to cut the curves for the aprons and on the legs.

They really were simple to create but if you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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