An Easy Way to Hang a Wall Shelf

Hanging a Shelf? Check This Out…

Hanging shelves is not always a fun task – especially for me… If I don’t use a level, that shelf is all sorts of crooked! When we found a really awesome wall shelf with built in keyhole hangers at our favorite out-of-state import store, I also found a super-easy way to hang a wall shelf that I will share today!

hang wall shelf


Step One

Determine where the shelf will be hung and using the level and the straight edge (plus a few extra hands), draw a straight line on the wall.

Step Two

If the shelf has built in hangers, stretch a piece of painters’ tape across the back of the shelf, over the hangers, and poke a hole through the tape into the hangers.

hang wall shelf cover holes with strip of tape

hang wall shelf_hanger hole

Step Three

Remove the tape and stretch it under the line drawn on the wall where the shelf will hang positioning the holes for the hangers over wall studs, if possible. (If there are no studs, don’t worry – see Step 5!)

hang wall shelf_masking tape

Step Four

Use the drill and the 1/8″ drill bit to drill holes through the holes poked in the tape that mark the hangers.

hang wall shelf drill through hole in tape

Step Five

Drive 2″ screws (or any hardware that came with the shelf) into the holes (if the holes are located over wall studs), then hang the shelf.

If there are no wall studs where the shelf will be hung, insert auger anchors into the holes, then drive the screws through the anchors.

hang wall shelf_complete

Remember to use hangers and anchors that will support the item being hung as well as the items that will be on it! Have any questions about my easy method? Leave a comment below!

Originally posted 2018-07-11 08:00:26.