DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters

Turn Metal Tins Into Cute Planters

In our household, we drink a lot of tea! The brand of tea we buy comes in beautiful metal tins. Since I’ve also started growing herbs to make my own tea, I thought I’d turn those tins into planters! These DIY metal tea tin planters are lined with a rubberized coating that will (hopefully) keep the tins from rusting through and the holes punched in the bottom will allow the soil to drain properly as the plants grow! Any sort of metal tin can be used as a planter as long as the soil can drain properly…

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Tins

According to the Flex Seal website, the coating is non-toxic and food safe. So, it should be OK to plant herbs in the containers coated with it.


  • Metal Tins of choice
  • Liquid Flex Seal or other rubberized coating (<– affiliate link!)
  • Nail or Scratch Awl and Hammer
  • Plants and Soil

Some of the tins I used are rectangular so I thought that using the Flex Seal tape (<– affiliate link!) would be a great idea… Not so much. The tape is so incredibly tacky that I nearly sprained a finger trying to pull it off of my hand! I had to cut smaller sections of the tape (which was definitely a job in itself – I used a craft knife) to line the tin, and I was able to cover all of the surfaces.

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Tape

For the other tins, I bought the liquid Flex Seal and poured it into the tin.

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Flex Seal Liquid

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Pour

I spread the Flex Seal around the tin with a paint brush then wiped the edges of the tin with a paper towel.

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Brush

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Wipe Edges

Once the tins were dry, I placed a scrap piece of wood under each tin. Using a hammer and a scratch awl, I punched several holes in the bottom of each tin. (The tin shown is covered on the inside with the Flex Tape.)

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Hammer & Awl

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Drain Holes

I filled each tin with potting soil, then added the plants. I found some really pretty ground cover plants that look so great in the tins!

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Plant 1

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Plant 2

DIY Metal Tea Tin Planters_Plants

I saved the lids of the tins for another project which will be shared later. These DIY metal tea tin planters would be great gifts, and in fact, I gave one with a succulent in it to my mom for Mother’s Day!

Have questions about the planters? Leave a comment below!

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