DIY Magnetic Knife Holder

Easy to Make Kitchen Knife Storage

In our kitchen, since storage space is very minimal, we have no place to store knives. Actually, we have one large knife that we use currently because the rest of them are still in storage. I’ve already had a serious run-in with this particular knife (I dropped it, it bounced up and stabbed me in the leg!) and I don’t want anyone else to get hurt because it is just lying on the counter. I created this awesome DIY magnetic knife holder that keeps the knife secure and within easy reach when we need it!

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder

The base is made using a scrap piece of pine with a dado cut in it to allow for a magnetic bar. It is then screwed to the wall.

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder_Magnetic Bar


  • Scrap piece of 1x wood (mine measured 2-7/8″ wide)
  • Magnetic bar (normally for tool organization) (<– affiliate link!)
  • Stain & Sealer, or Paint

Start by measuring the magnetic bar and cut the piece of wood at the same length.. (The bar I used measured 11-7/8″ long.)

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder_Base Length

The dado can be cut in one of two ways: on the table saw or the router table. I used the table saw and set the blade height at the same depth as the magnetic bar.

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder_Blade Height

I made a series of kerfs in the wood until the dado was wide enough to accommodate the magnetic bar.

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder_Dado

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder_Bar

I used pre-stain wood conditioner on the wood, then stained the piece using RustOleum Wood Stain in Briarsmoke. I added two coats of Varathane Triple-Thick matte polyurethane. The color of the wood stain matches the chunky shelves in the kitchen.

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder_Stain

I placed the magnetic bar in the dado, then marked the position of the screw holes in the bar (I like to use a scratch awl for this). I pre-drilled the holes in the wood, then installed the knife holder on the wall in the kitchen. One screw needed an auger anchor, and the other went directly into the wall stud.

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder_Mounted to Wall

DIY Magnetic Knife Holder_Knife

The knife holder safely and securely holds the knife keeping it off of the counter and out of the way! I really need to get my other knives out of storage… Have questions about the DIY Magnetic Knife Holder? Leave a comment below!

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