DIY Essentials: 10 Tools that You Can’t Do Without

DIY Essentials: 10 Tools that You Can’t Do Without

Are you a handy man or woman who takes care of every little chore or are you someone who puts jobs on your to do list and never gets round to them? Well, a good way to get stuck into your DIY is to get the right tools for the jobs you have to do. Here are 10 tools that you really can’t do without:

1) Hammer

‘If I had a hammer…’ So goes the song and it makes some sense. Without a hammer there is very little you can do in terms of DIY. From building flat pack shelves to putting up picture hooks and doing all manner of tasks, a hammer is a real must have item.

Image courtesy of keerati at

Image courtesy of keerati at

2) Philips screwdriver

Philips screwdrivers are highly useful and another DIY essential for everything from replacing the fuse in a plug to repairing an electrical device. Every budding DIY enthusiast has to have a Philips head screwdriver.

3) Flat head screwdriver

Just as important as a Philips head screwdriver – or perhaps even more so – is a flat head screwdriver. These tools are equally useful for screwing and unscrewing, well…screws, but they can also be used for chiseling and to open paint cans, which are otherwise practically impossible to get into!

4) Hacksaw

A good quality hacksaw will easily eat through metal and this is a tool that you will need regularly if you take on your intimidating to do list.

Image courtesy of Marcus at

Image courtesy of Marcus at

5) Wood saw

You will also need a wood saw to help you cut wood to build shelves, banisters, bird houses and anything else you want to create from wood. There are plenty on the market to choose from so you should have no problems finding a decent price.

6) Drill

A power drill is a real must and a tool that you will find extremely useful when you tackle your home chores. As well as being able to drill holes to hang pictures, shelves and other fittings, a drill will enable you to insert screwdriver bits to quickly screw and unscrew, again…screws!

7) Safety goggles

If you use a drill or any other piece of automated machinery you should wear safety goggles to protect your precious eyes. Accidents do happen unfortunately and too often when amateurs are doing DIY, so take precautions and buy some goggles.

8) Ladder

This is another items that is necessary for safe DIY and simply to reach parts of your home that you could not otherwise reach.

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 at

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 at

9) Spirit level

If you are putting up shelves and other fittings like that you really need to have a spirit level to make sure that they are perfectly level.

10) Torch

To work in the darkest corners of your home a torch is a must and you can choose from various great models on the market.

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