DIY Connected Bed Slats

5 Steps to Connect Bed Slats Without Using Tons of Screws

Raise your hand if you hate connect bed slats to a frame… Though it is necessary for structure and stability, it is a serious pain in the tail! I have a solution, though, that will keep the slats connected to the frame and uses far fewer screws. Want to know what it is? Keep reading to see how I added DIY connected bed slats to my latest bed build!

This is something I wish I would have thought of sooner because it is crazy easy!

DIY connected bed slats


  • All of the slats required for the bed frame (in my case, it was 20)
  • Jute webbing (<– affiliate link!)
  • Electric or pneumatic stapler
  • 4 to 6 1-1/2″ screws (<– affiliate link!)

Notes About the Project:

  • Only sand the slat boards if they are extremely rough or if you really want to (free child labor is a great opportunity to teach sanding skills!)
  • Don’t be too surprised when you realize how truly easy this is

Step One

Position the slats on the bed frame, evenly spaced, exactly how they would be laid out if they were being screwed in. Place screws in each end of the first slat and the last slat.

Step Two

Lay the jute webbing over the top of the slats in two places: one on either side of the center, evenly spaced, making sure the pieces of webbing are the same length.

DIY connected bed slats lay jute webbing on either side of the center

Step Three

Start stapling the webbing to each slat, using about 4-6 staples per slat while pulling the webbing taut but not so tight that it wrecks the spacing of the boards.

Using a spacer between the boards as the webbing is being stapled on them would be cool, if you want, but it isn’t necessary.

DIY connected bed slats stapling webbing to board

DIY connected bed slats staples through jute into wood

Step Four

At the beginning and end, fold the webbing over each slat and secure the loose edge to the under side of the slat.

DIY connected bed slats fold webbing under and staple at beginning and end

Step Five

Secure the slat assembly at each end of the first board, each end of the last board, and through the center of each of those two boards into the center support, if desired.

Bam. So few screws, so much time saved!! When it’s time to disassemble the bed, the slat assembly just rolls up…

How’s that for easy? Do you have another way to secure bed slats? I’d love to know about it – leave a comment below!

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