Decorative Window Frame to Build

An Awesome Wall Frame with a Vintage Look

When I saw this plan by Amy from Her Tool Belt on the Remodelaholic site, I was in love!  I frequently stalk other blogs and always find something I want to make, build, or do. This decorative window frame is easy to build and I made one modification by adding narrow trim around the front.

Decorative Window Frame to Build_Featured

The plans can be found at the Remodelaholic site and include the material list, cut list, and all of the instructions to build the frame. I made the frame using scrap wood. The plans call for ripping narrow strips (1/4″ and 1/2″) of a 2×4 or 1×3 to use as the stops and dividers. If you are not comfortable ripping narrow pieces on a table saw, craft boards (carried by most major home improvement retailers) come in 1/2″ and 1/4″ thicknesses and can be easily substituted in this plan.

When I cut the horizontal pieces for the dividers, I cut them too short (the story of my life!). This left a small gap where the horizontal dividers meet the vertical dividers.

Decorative Window Frame to Build_Gap

Since I really wasn’t too interested in filling the gaps with wood filler or Dry-Dex, I used narrow trim to cover the dividers and also used it around the opening on the outer frame. I mitered the corners on the outer trim and just used regular straight cuts for the pieces on the dividers.

Decorative Window Frame to Build_Trim

I really wanted to give this frame an old, paint layered look. As I was painting, I didn’t bother to wipe off any drips or thick spots, which I think adds to the vintage charm.

Instead of adding a handle to the lower part of the frame, I drilled three holes for knobs in a coral color – my new favorite!

Decorative Window Frame to Build_Holes for Knobs

I cut pieces of Plexiglas (<– affiliate link!) for the openings and used pieces from an old Marilyn Monroe calendar I’ve been hoarding (for several years!) in the openings. I added corrugated board to the back side of the calendar sheets, and used picture framing tabs to hold everything in place.

Decorative Window Frame to Build_Framing Tabs

This decorative window frame to build is so easy and you can truly make it your own by adding trim (like I did) or by adding special photos in each pane.

Decorative Window Frame to Build_Knob

Decorative Window Frame to Build_Completed

I’m looking forward to building another – this time, the horizontal dividers will be long enough!