5 Tips for Renovating Your Garage

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Time for a Garage Renovation?

Whether you plan to sell your home or simply want to improve its curb appeal, making changes to the exterior of the property can help you accomplish your goals. Investing in landscaping improvements or adding on a porch can improve your home’s appearance; however, if you are looking for a project you can complete in a few days without breaking the bank, renovating your garage’s colors, style, and tech might fit the bill.

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1.    Insulating the Door

Adding energy-saving insulation to your garage door can help keep the space warm during cold winter nights and retain your car’s heat after you pull in for the evening. This may prevent wear and tear on your car’s battery, as it takes nearly twice the energy to crank the engine on a cold morning. If you are unsure about what kind of insulation to use on your door, ask your local hardware or home improvement associates.

2.    Add Organization Systems

If your garage stores everything except the family car, then you can improve its appearance and value by adding organization systems to the walls. Cluttered benches, piles of tools, and cans and bottles of oil and other car fluids can be organized with inexpensive shelving, sturdy pegboard, and stainless-steel braces for hanging bicycles or large yard implements.

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Not only can organizing your garage improve the way you use the storage space, it can also keep your kids and pets safe. Antifreeze poisoning is a common issue for dog owners, whose pets lick up spilled antifreeze or the rims of empty bottles because of its sweet flavor. This can be deadly and the treatments are typically not cheap, so putting these bottles out of reach or in a locked cabinet can prevent a senseless tragedy.

3.    Update the Floor

If your garage’s concrete floor is full of cracks, this might increase the wear and tear on your tires or allow invasive insects in. Consider having it sealed with a clear coating or covered with a durable all-season lining available from some home improvement or vehicle dealers. If you find yourself dealing with ants and other insects that invade in numbers, call your local extermination company for advice about whether you should have the garage treated before or after the new flooring is in.

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4.    Replace the Door

A squeaky, rattling or dented garage door can draw the eye, but not in the way you might prefer. Older doors might also malfunction and close unexpectedly, causing injury to people or your vehicle and raising your homeowners insurance rates. Replacing the door can update your garage’s look while reducing the risk of accidents at the same time.

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There are many different garage door styles to choose from. Traditional aluminum rolling doors are usually the most inexpensive, but if you have a flexible budget, you might want to consider upgrading to a trendy contemporary or classic carriage house door.

5.    Upgrade the Tech

Upgrading your garage’s technology can help you keep your car safer, increase overall home security, and may even allow you to find more competitive homeowners insurance quotes. Wireless motion detectors, cameras, and high-tech door locks all make a solid line of defense when it comes to protecting your property. This can be especially useful if your garage is attached to your home and an intruder could gain access through it via a secondary entrance, such as a breezeway.

Renovating and updating your garage can increase its value and curb appeal. The type of project you choose will likely be determined by your time and budget constraints, but since there are so many ways to make improvements, you are likely to find one that is suitable for both. Hopefully, these 5 tips for renovating a garage can help!